Why? Why? Why?

I’ve been tagged by Sarah over at Boo Roo and Tigger Too in this meme entitled Why? Why? Why?

This is a word my daughter uses often and it really annoys the hell out of me, sometimes I will hear that word up to 40 times a day – but if your a parent of a toddler you will already know that yourselves….it’s a faze they grow out of. Please let her grow out of it!!

The rules of this meme are:

1. Post your whys – as many or as few as you like
2. Link your post to Mummy Central
3. Tag 5 bloggers to keep this going
4. Feel free to leave your questions below if you aren’t a blogger but demand some answers!

  • Why do I promise myself an early night every night but never get it?
  • Why does the dog only ever bark once I’ve put Emmy to bed in the evening?
  • Why do I have a huge bag of odd socks?
  • Why will Emmy only have a lay-in on days I need to get up for work?
  • Why is there never any chocolate left in the fridge when I need some?
  • Why does 1 weetabix always get left in the pack when the next is opened?
  • Why does Emmy always wake up just after I turn my light out to go to sleep?
  • Why can we find her dummies at bedtime but she always knows where they are during the day?
  • Why do I only fancy a Chinese or fish and chips on the days the take-aways are shut?
  • Why on days which have been dedicated to ‘me’ time do I always get poorly?

I’m tagging the following bloggers to carry this on:

Margarita over at Life at the zoo

Sarah over at Fluffy Dumplings

Fiona over at Coombe Mill

Lucy over at Lucy’s Mad House

Joanne over at Mummy 2 Five


2 thoughts on “Why? Why? Why?

  1. Would have agreed with every one of these – except for the fact we don't have a dog!
    I'm always like a zombie in the mornings, promising myself an early night. By evening, I can't bring myself to go to bed as it's my only peaceful time without the kids (when I can read blogs and catch up on emails etc).
    Thanks for linking up x

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