Why you should drop your Valentine’s Day plans and go skydiving instead

Whether you love it or loathe it, you have to admit that Valentine’s Day has become a bit tedious in recent years. It’s always the same – a day whose events were dictated by greeting card companies decades ago and are now slavishly followed by couples all over the world. What happened to adventure? What happened to celebrating a relationship and love and all of the mushy stuff while still being a bit alternative and edgy? 

The good news is that you can mark the day in the most alternative way possible: by jumping out of a plane together. Who needs a candlelit dinner and a box of chocolates when you can mark your relationship by plummeting towards the ground from thousands of feet in the air?

It might not seem all that romantic, but you’d be surprised how many “traditional” Valentine’s Day activities come up short when compared to a skydive. Fortunately, GoSkydive has you covered this February.

Regular readers will remember that I took on my first Sky Dive last year and was terrified at  the thought but it was for a fantastic cause – I was raising money for The Lullaby Trust along with a few other bonkers bloggers in memory of #MatildaMae – a beautiful and wonderful baby (the daughter of a blogging friend) who sadly grew her angel wings aged only 9 months.

Having done this once I am already planning alongside the bonkers crew and some fresh blood a few more bloggers, this years jump.  Yes we LOVED it SO much we will be back to jump once again 13,000 feet from a plane – here’s hoping for better weather this time!

How does it beat…a cinema trip?

What’s more exciting: watching people pretend to do exciting things or actually doing them yourself? If you go to the Waterloo IMAX screen in London and sit in the back row, you’ll be up so high that you might as well just take it a bit further and go for the skydive anyway. You’ll probably cry a bit less before the skydive than you would at the latest romantic drama the cinemas have shoehorned into the schedule to coincide with Valentine’s Day, as well – I had no tears (I was shaking a little but definitely no tears!)

How does it beat…a romantic dinner?

The element of surprise is important here. Your significant other will be expecting a romantic dinner. Of course they are – it’s a normal option that’s easy to pull off. Imagine how they’d feel if, instead of driving to the restaurant, you drove them to the jump centre. They’d soon forget all about their coq au vin with creamed potatoes and you’d look like the most thoughtful partner ever. And booking a skydive probably still comes in cheaper than a classy meal for two! If you still feel like you need a romantic dinner…well, there is an onsite café.  I know Paul would much prefer to jump than sit in a cosy restaurant!


How does it beat…climbing the Eiffel Tower/Shard/miscellaneous tall building?

Who wants to climb things when it’s so much more fun to jump off them? Whatever views you can get from the top of the Eiffel Tower, they won’t beat the views you’ll enjoy (if you keep your eyes open) at ten thousand feet and falling over the Salisbury Plains! If you were planning to propose at the top of the Shard or miscellaneous tall building, don’t worry – you can always do it in mid-air!  Although do leave the ring on the ground for once you’ve finished!

How does it beat…a Latin dance evening?

It’s easy to see why a Latin (well, it can be any kind of paired-up dance class, really) dance evening would be a popular activity for Valentine’s Day – it’s steamy, sexy and offers the opportunity for a lot of physical contact, which can be a good precursor to what might be going on later *wink wink*.

You can get all of that with a tandem skydive, though. You’ll be pretty hot (even though it’s February) by the time you have to take off your jumpsuit (the design of which also takes care of the sexy part, for your information), and you’ll be strapped to the front of the man who’ll be leaping out of the plane with you. That counts as physical contact in our book, whether you’re enjoying it or not.

I mean what is not to find sexy about this?

How does it beat…wine tasting?

You might well need a quick hit of something (NOT advised, incidentally) before climbing into the plane, but think about how much booze you can have after you’ve completed the jump. Essentially, you’ve cheated death – people just aren’t naturally evolved to jump out of planes, regardless of the sport’s high safety rates – and that deserves a celebration.

You don’t have to pretend you can detect notes of grapefruit in a completely average-tasting white wine, you don’t have to only have a tiny bit at a time and, best of all, you don’t have to shell out a fortune for the privilege of attending. If you want whiskey, you can have it; ditto with any other alcohol that you prefer to wine. You’ve staved off the Grim Reaper for a bit longer, you can celebrate how you choose!  

I know I certainly hit the bar as soon as I returned to my hotel afterwards….the sense of accomplishment is amazing, and believe me I am a wimp!  If I can do it anyone can – you will love it!

Make a date with GoSkydive this February and make Valentine’s Day 2015 one to remember!

If my pictures haven’t made you want to jump yourselves, then maybe my video from the jump will!

“This is a collaborative post”

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29 thoughts on “Why you should drop your Valentine’s Day plans and go skydiving instead

  1. Wow that is amazing and mental. I think that I would be sick if i had to do a skydive but totally think you're amazing for doing it and yes it would certainly make a memorable valentines day. x

  2. I think you did an amazing thing for the Lullaby Trust, and this is a great post but I'm such a scaredy cat I don't think I'll be jumping out of a perfectly good plane anytime soon 😉

  3. Definitely bonkers – I would find this utterly terrifying and if Mr K got it for me as a Valentine's present I would not like to repeat how I would respond!

    All for a good cause though and I'm in awe of you all for doing it.

  4. We don't bother with Valentines day anymore – I'd rather do it spontaneously than have it dictated to me! A skydive sounds like the perfect alternative. Good luck with your next dive!

  5. You've completely sold it to me. Your reasons for doing it are superb and I also think Valentines is now too commercial. Prescriptive even. You MUST have 12 roses and you must have a meal and you must pay over the odds for both! Sigh! Your way is better BUT I would never be brave enough #YIKES xxx

  6. I'm with you all the way on how commercial Valentine's Day has become, so if you do want to do something special with your partner, then this is pretty much the ultimate choice! Good on you for doing it again.

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