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Have you ever broken down in the car?

I have and it was not only horrible it was embarrassing too!

Cars seem to hate me with a passion – I’m no mechanic, pop then key in, turn the ignition, put petrol in and top up the water and oil occasionally is my limit oh and air in the tyres – past that then it’s alien to me!

The last time I broke down was in July this year picking Emmy up from Pre-School, I had parked in the car park to pick her up, loaded both kids back into the car and drove out of the gates – or at least I tried to, half way out of the gates the car conked out.  I turned the key and nothing happened, tried again and again but still nothing.

Car’s were queuing behind me to get out and waiting in front to get in but I was stuck.

I had to get out and apologise and start trying to push the car out of the gates and across the road, a hard job to do along.  I was lucky that a lovely builder from across the road heard the commotion and was my knight in shining armour – he pushed the car across the road for me and saved the day.

I never did park in the School car park again.

This £25 voucher giveaway was created in collaboration with the launch of the Sainsbury’s BankGuide to Car Breakdown.

If you would like to win this £25 voucher please fill in the rafflecopter form below – this giveaway will end at Midnight on 26th September – Good luck

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115 thoughts on “Win a £25 Sainsbury gift card

  1. Competition aside, that's a really good guide from Sainsburys. To be honest I think that most of our reactions would be to call someone if we broke down, but we really should all learn how to change a car tyre – maybe that should be built into driving tests?

  2. I broke down in the middle of nowhere late at night, in the days before mobile phones were the norm. I had to walk along country lanes with no lighting to find a phone for about 1 hour and then the AA told me to walk back to the car and they would meet me there. By the time I had walked back the AA man was waiting for me. As I often travelled alone a night I went out and bought a mobile phone the next day.

  3. Me and my mum were on the way to a concert in another city, and we were on the motorway when the car started sounded weird, then suddenly lost power. We ere able to get onto the hard shoulder before the car stopped moving. It was the busiest time for lorries, and the hard shoulder was on the narrow side, so every lorry that wet past rocked the car really badly, I haven't felt as unsafe in my life as I did that day. We were fortunate that the car started again after 20 minutes and we were able to get off the motorway until the breakdown service could arrive.

  4. I drove an old car so had frequent breakdowns – one of the worst was being stuck in the car for 4 hours waiting for the AA in the middle of winter when it was freezing cold & snowing. My asthma started playing up & all near by shops & restaurants were shut. I felt really ill by the time they arrived.

  5. Half way to cornwall this summer, Me, my partner, two babies and our border collie dog.
    Heard a HUGE bang and we had to pull over on the side of a road to stop anyone from crashing from the awful smoke out of our Car. The AA turned up an hour after we rang and Fixed the problem. A broken seal. Luckily we arrived in cornwall hours after it happened, but with a hot dog and two tired babies! Xx

  6. When i was 17, so 20 years ago, my first car was a W reg escort, visiting my boyfriend in a local town, my steering rack decided to break, on a roundabout, i had to go round it about 4 times as it was stuck, trying to unjam the steering so i could steer off the roundabout!

  7. I was working a night shift at asda which was 10 miles away from where I lived, I was doing 70 down the motorway surrounded by lorries when my car started to slow down voluntarily. I had no breakdown and didn't know who to call for for help. Luckily I had a hubby who knew what to do. lol

  8. Mine was being stranded with a flat battery at my uni train station after spending a lovely weekend at home. I was homesick, 200 miles from home, on a dark winter night.

  9. Had a terrible experience travelling to start at uni. The van overheated and blew the head gasket, leaving me stranded with all my belongings in the back. I didn’t have recovery membership either.

  10. Having 4 children in the car age's 2 month's, 3 years, 4 yrs and 6 years old been by myself and was on midle lane of motor way the steering just went and I couldn't manouver us out of it, I was so scared put my hazzards on and luckily a lorry driver saw and helped me get to saftey but was stuck in lane with cars whizzing past for 10 minutes

  11. We broke down on the way to the Isle of wight for the first holiday we had had in years, it was devastating. We had to be towed home, but scariest part was waiting for the tow truck on the hard shoulder of the motorway, there was not far behind the barrier we could go and it is scary when stood watching the traffic travelling so fast

  12. A flat tyre in the middle of the m25 during rush hour! I would rather give birth to triplets all 3 at a time with no pain relief than ever have to go through that again! People were shouting at us like it was our fault, It took my ex 2 hours to replace with the spare because he had to keep turning round to shout at someone else who was verbally abusing me. We had a 9 month old in the back and as it turned out the spare was done in as well! Stuck on the m25 for hours! Worst experience of my life :/

  13. We had a flat tyre on a dual carriageway. A police car stopped and offered to help. The tyre wouldn't pump up so we went to get the spare out of the boot.
    The spare was also flat so the policeman said he would take my partner to the nearest garage to pump it up, my partner then shut the boot with the keys inside it.

  14. Recently, I was on holiday with my bro and his family. We were staying in a villa in the mountains and it was nearly 40 degrees in the van. Just as we approached the villa (on arrival from the airport), in this peaceful, quiet, old-fashioned village, my bro drive into and over two protruding kerbs. He took out both tyres in one side and the rubber was practically melting. It smelled to high heaven, we had had melting shopping in the car, we didn't know if we were near the villa and the four children in the car were getting crotchety as we'd been up since 4am.

    Fortunately, it turned out we were only a few metres from the villa and the villa's cleaner came and rescued us and our shopping and then helped my bro speak to the car hire company. Extra fortunately, he had full insurance so they came and swapped the van later that day.

    The scent of burning rubber subsided … after a thunderstorm and downpour!

  15. On a trip to France with my parents many years ago, the car engine started to steam and stopped. Unfortunately none of us could speak French, oh other than petit pois and pomme d'terre which didn't get us very far. My dad had to ask for help using hand signals, luckily we found a very friendly and genuine garage whose owner could speak excellent English, that was a close shave.

  16. Traveling from Southampton to Cornwall, got about half way there and the cam belt snapped. We were recovered back to Southampton and had to start the journey again in a different car 🙁 Original car was a write off

  17. Broke down at night in torrential rain. Took 3 or 4 hours for the rescue service to arrive. I saw the van go past several times and each time I called I was told that they had been unable to find me and assumed I had got started and not called in to cancel. They took down the details incorrectly hence were looking in the wrong place.

  18. I'm going back a long time, when I was dating my first husband. He had a Vauxhall Viva ( in the 70's). We went for a drive one sunday morning in a small village with country lanes. Unfortunately it had been raining heavy and on the way back we hit a flooded road. The car cut out and he had to get out and push it through the flood. I'm so glad he got wet now lol

  19. Breaking down on my own on the top of the pennines on the way to family in Yorkshire. It was a snowy day and very misty. What was worst was when I got out of the car to deal with the green flag. My dog started on the Christmas Turkey!!!! Was devastated at the time, but now we laugh about it.

  20. When we were kids, my Mum had an old banger of a Fiesta that broke down whilst going around a roundabout! We had to stop in the car in rush hour traffic until luckily a passing firetruck stopped and the firemen pushed us to safety! x

  21. My 11 month old car decided to blow up whilst working miles from home – I was stuck had no idea what to do had no break down cover that I knew of. Luckily a friend told me all new cars come with some kind of recovery for 12 months! So luckily managed to get recovered but was such a long cold wait!

  22. There was a fault with the bonnet catch and the bonnet flew up and smashed the windscreen while I was driving at 50 up in the hills. Instantly couldn’t see so had to do an emergency stop and hope I stayed on the road! There is no phone signal there so I tied the bonnet down with a bandage from the first aid kit and drove slowly home! It took a few hours for me to stop shaking!

  23. having spent a wonderful day at a concert in Hyde Park – driving home and the car conked out. Took 5 hours to be recovered got home at -530 – had to be up for work and school at 0730!!!

  24. breaking down with a friend in the middle of the night in the middle of the countryside before mobile phones … we decided to sleep in the car overnight as we were too scared to walk to get help

  25. We bought a car off ebay and about 2 weeks later as we drove from Ripon to Leeds the radiator broke and it started to overheat so we had to pull over and wait to be towed. I was pregnant and desperate for a wee too!

  26. I haven't actually experienced the car breaking down yet! But recently my husband had to go to Leeds on business, on the motorway back the car started playing up, he decided rather than to call anyone he had to get home and travelled for 20 miles an hour on the hard shoulder, all the way back to York :/

  27. I haven't actually experienced the car breaking down yet! But recently my husband had to go to Leeds on business, on the motorway back the car started playing up, he decided rather than to call anyone he had to get home and travelled for 20 miles an hour on the hard shoulder, all the way back to York :/

  28. Our car broke down at Flamborough Head lighthouse last year, there was myself, my husband and our 2 children and we had to wait about 2 hours for the recovery vehicle to arrive.

  29. My story was long one but as short as possible – on way to interview & car wouldn't brake it just kept going faster up to 65mph in a 40mph I but on my hassard lights on & hand on the horn to let people know I was in trouble, I was actually looking for a field to crash into as I had no control over the car & then it suddenly just stopped & in front of a garage too! The blokes had seen all the carry on & had come running over to me, one of them drove me to my interview & the other fixed my car. I had only been driving 2 weeks & had brought a 2nd hand car, I was 18 years old too. Something major had gone wrong with it & the bloke at the garage bless him only charged me £50 when it was actually a price of around £500 my dad said to me 'I wish I was young & good looking to get discounts like that' lol! I had a very lucky escape, got the job, got my car fixed on the cheap & got myself a date with the garage owner lol!

  30. We had planned a trip through Glencoe moutains, we had got half way through when the gears stopped working. It was pouring down by then and the breakdown took 2 hours to get to us and four hours to tow us home. Nightmare.

  31. We broke down once, only a mile or so away from home, but we didn't have a pushchair for our (then!) baby. Walking that far carrying a very heavy baby was NOT fun!

  32. After taking our car back to the garage 2 days after we bought it, I broke down and had to walk over a mile down a dark road with 2 toddlers in tow to get to the nearest phone box to call the RAC..
    Rafflecopter ID – Su Tyler

  33. kids day out – got our son and niece with us and off for a day out to the zoo – started off fine and the engine overheated and broke down at the side of the motorway with two kids and it started to rain! then get a flat tyre later in the day! just ended up a whole nightmare!! x

  34. That would be a number of years ago when we were on the M25 headed for Gatwick to get a flight to France.The car overheated and we had to stop on the hard shoulder.By the time we got going again it was too late and we missed the flight by 5 minutes

  35. Worst for me was when I was learning to drive and started to panic because the chap behind kept flashing his lights. Turned out the car exhaust was hanging off and dragging along the road!

  36. a punctured tyre 60 miles from where we were staying 60 miles from Amsterdam, on a Sunday, when nothing was open and knowing we had to leave for Germany the next day!

  37. I broke down on my way to an important interview. I never got there on time and I never got a second chance to attend.

  38. We went camping last year in Cornwall, which is 280 mile trip one way, on the way back we had just got onto the start of the M5 by Exeter and the car broke down, we managed to crawl to the services on the hard shoulder, then we waited 2 hours for the breakdown service, and they took us home but because they can only work 4 hours on their taco, the guy had to stop after an hour as he had done his maximum work and someone else took over, in total it took us 10 hours to get home, the worst ever breakdown and we had our 2 kids with us. But they were surprisingly good and patient.

  39. Breaking Down on the way to my nephews christening and completely missing it… We still haven't heard the last of it from the mother in law!

    Harley Richardson

  40. We broke down in the winter in a car park, so luckily we were safe. The breakdown people took ages to get to us, but thankfully we made it home just in time to pick up our daughter from pre-school!


  41. I've been pretty lucky really – but there was one funny time, I had just done the shopping and the car wouldn't start in the car park, so I rang my partner and he turned up with the kids. They gave the car a push start, and it went, so I just drove off and left them standing there! (I waved, of course! Oh, and my partner had turned up in his car, I didn't just abandon them!)

  42. I once locked the keys in the boot of my car in a remote corner of Wales. Had been on a country walk so wasnt near anywhere, no houses, no buildings, certainly no pub to wait in. It was a long night waiting for the AA man to arrive!

  43. i had to make an 80 mile round trip once and my clutch decided it didnt want to work past 3rd gear around 30 miles into the trip… so im drivig up the A47 at between 30 – 40 mph for the rest of the journey :/ sorry to anyone i held up!

  44. I have only broken down once – I had my one year old with me as well as all my shopping as I had just been to asda! All my frozen stuff was melting!


  45. We broke down with a 2 week old baby in the middle of Winter. He was lactose intolerant and so had special formula milk which we didn't have. Luckily his Grandad saved the day!


  46. When the car suddenly decided to die right on the entrance to the motorway a very nice lorry driver blocked the road to stop an accident and some lovely people pushed the car to a safe place until rescue arrived.

  47. I didn't break down but my wipes stopped working when I hit torrential rain on a motorway! I couldn't see anything all of a sudden and I was travelling at 60mph. I had to use my indicators to pull over gradually and then I stopped. It was the most frightening experience ever and I had to call the mechanics to come out.

  48. Having a girly shopping day out, we decided to go down the motorway
    to Boundary Mill. I was in the middle lane, car started to lose power,
    rather unpleasant smell quickly followed by plumes of smoke coming
    from the engine. Managed to get over onto the hard shoulder and phone
    the RAC who were brilliant I have to say when they realised three females
    broken down on the motorway. The most scarey part was getting out of
    the car to get up on the embankment, the speed of the cars whizzing past
    nearly knocks you over! Oh and thank you so much to all the cars that beeped
    as we sat on our tesco bags on the wet grass. RAC took us home, got another
    car and went off shopping again so not a complete disaster.

  49. I use to have an old beetle, we broke down in the middle of some cross roads and needed to push it a head of us. My hubby didn't get to jump in the drivers side in time and the car rolled through someones fence and balanced on the high wall the other side. Not a good day but the car was fine in the end, we got it towed off the wall and managed to get her going. we use to carry loads of spare parts and tools with us

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