Win a beach holiday!! Fancy winning a villa holiday in Greece?

Are you loving the fact summer has well and truly hit us now? Perhaps you are counting down the days until the children break up from school – or of course you could be hiding in denial rocking in a corner at the thought of 6 weeks off of school!

I have taken the sunny days to start sorting out my garden, we are chopping down all of the trees as we don’t tend to them meaning they’ve completely taken over the garden, by chopping them all down we have gained around 2ft of unused garden space and opened up extra room for the kids to play.

The pool is now up and being played with the minute the kids come in from school, I have painted the shed in a beach hut style which has helped to brighten up the garden and now I am certainly ready for a summer holiday.

If you are dreaming of jetting off on holiday then you will love the giveaway which Oliver’s Travel is currently running BUT you have to hurry as this giveaway ends on the 29th June.

So what you all really want to know is – What can I win?

Well, I don’t blame you for wondering – I’d want to know the in’s and out’s too.

The prize is a 7 nights stay in a beach-front villa for two adults (18+) in Corfu, Greece

This holiday can be taken anytime between 1 October 2018 – 24 May 2019, the prize is for a villa only with food, travel and other costs not included within the prize.

How amazing is that?

So if you fancy sunning yourself and a friend/loved one in a beach-front villa in Corfu you can enter the giveaway over on the Oliver’s Travel website here. Or by clicking on the image below:

How do you enter?

Entering is really easy – hit the start button on the giveaway page, enter your email and then you need answer Yes or No to the countries and places you see on the screen, Yes if you have visited and No if you haven’t.

It’s as simple as that – like the tinder of holiday destinations really. When you have finished hitting yes or no you will reach the end page to see how many of those places you have visited

There are 50 different destinations in total to click through but don’t worry it only takes a few minutes.

Once done you can see how many places you’ve visited – share this onto Facebook tagging a friend who may like to enter and you’ve finished.

Now the only answer left to ask you is:

Who would you take with you if you won?


*Collaborative post**


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