Win a Superheroine Appreciation Kit!

What a wonderful time to be a women! We have been able to vote for the last 100 years, our TV’s are full of successful female actors playing superheroines! Our radio stations are airing the best in female led music and the Spice Girls have announced a reunion!

It’s 100 years since us women were able vote thanks to the campaigning of the suffragettes, it may have taken rallies, a lot of campaigning and even burning of bras but those brave ladies knew we were equal to male peers and refused to be left unheard.

I am so glad I have a voice now, I do vote in all elections and am eternally grateful that my daughter doesn’t have to fight to be heard in future – we may still be fighting for equal pay but have certainly come a very long way since those days of old. Women can now do any job they want to, attend universities and thankfully now aren’t expected to stay at home and keep house.

I will be teaching Emmy just how important it is that she uses her right to vote when she comes of age, and with a Dad so into politics she’s already had lots of conversations about why we should vote.

Under every women’s appearance lies a superhero. We might look calm and collected on the surface but underneath we are a ball of energy balancing work, family and friends.

Celebrate being a superheroine this February with some self-love.

Bingo room experts Paddy Power are offering a Superheroine Kit which contains the complete series one of Jessica Jones, the All Woman Platinum edition CD Compilation and a Girl Power notebook to write down your deepest, darkest secrets.

For your chance to win this prize, please enter via the rafflecopter form below. This giveaway ends at midnight on 25th February 2018 and is open to UK entries only.

Good Luck

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67 thoughts on “Win a Superheroine Appreciation Kit!

  1. It has to be my Mum. Shes been through such a lot in these last few years. But even during some of her harder times, she’s always been there to support me through my own highs and lows.

  2. Well it might be a bit harsh but it is the truth, my mum was no roll model for our family walking out on us to party rather than look after us when i was just six.
    But the real super women in my life is my beautiful wife of 36 years who rescued me from a life going no where

  3. It actually me! It sounds slightly obnoxious but I work full time as a manager and have a great career whilst also raising 2 incredible children, doing all the housework (yes, I’m married!!), carrying all the mental load (birthdays, insurance renewal etc), plus in charge of our finances etc I’m a blimmin’ superwoman!

  4. My Nan is my superheroine because she keeps going aged 93 despite all the difficulties that are thrown at her and is always jolly!

  5. My mum. She has shown me that you have to work had in life. To appreciate the people in your life and not hold grudges xx

  6. My amazing mum who has been a rock for us all throughout my life, full of wisdom , courage and love and has helped so many people tirelessly.

  7. My mum has to be my role model. Having nursed for over 30 years she was retired on ill health 10 years ago but instead of taking it easy she started trying to help local families access better play and learning resources. She’s been the chair of the local children’s centre for over 15 years and spends all her time trying to secure funding in order to provide safe spaces for families to access and all done voluntarily.

  8. My female role model is my mum, she is kind, caring and would do anything for anyone, she is an amazing nanny, works hard all week, she has one day a week off and spends it with her grandchildren as well as going to town to do her shopping, pay her bills and never asks for anything in return, infact Christmas, her birthday and mothers day etc she won’t tell my sister and I anything she wants as we should keep it and spend it on our children, not that we listen of course, if any friends or family need advice we all turn to her xXx

  9. My sister as she has brought her 3 boys up from an early age by herself after her divorce. She has alway held down a full time job and still finds time for my dear old Mum

  10. Celia Hammond as she gave up fame, wealth and beauty to start a cat rescue charity in London and the South-East. Other charities did not help ferals: hers did. She is an extraordinary woman.

  11. My favourite lady of all time has to be my sister, hands down as she always works so hard, motivates me all the time, cares and supports me and just really is the best person ever and I am proud to say that she is my sister- she is truly amazing and that is an understatement! Fingers crossed I can win this for her! 🙂

  12. I always admired Katherine Parr, Henry VIII final wife, who managed to weave her way through palace intrigue and write intelligent tracts without criticism xx

  13. My favourite woman of all time is Eleonor of Aquitaine, because she was such a strong and intelligent woman in a world dominated by men

  14. Ada Lovelace – without her pioneering work we may well never have had the computers we now take for granted today.

  15. Marilyn Monroe for me! beautiful natural women who wanted the best for us females shame she was taken so young she would have been a great ambassador

  16. mu Mum was a wonderful women, she brought you my sister and i, whilst always working, and teaching me right from wrong

  17. My mum because she is my mentor, my rock and my support system. She has been nothing but influential and the centre of my universe. She never fails to put a smile on my face and inspire me to greatness. She is the strongest and most incredible woman I know.

  18. My grandma because she managed to move to England, raise 4 successful children and is the sweetest, most generous person I know

  19. Princess Diana – we watched as she attended to her official duties with a grace and style that stood in marked contrast to the formal, decorous approach of other members of the royal family at the time.

  20. Margaret Thatcher, because, aside from politics, she was an inspiration to all women that if you want something badly enough, gender is not a barrier.

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