Win a Christmas treat for someone of your choice up to £250 with Coca-Cola #HolidaysAreComing

“This is a sponsored post”

As you know Christmas is all about bringing joy to others, celebrations and making others happy and smile – it is not the receiving of gifts which makes this season special but the bringing people together and sharing the love.

Coca-Cola is partnering with FareShare this Christmas, the UK-wide charity that tackles food waste and hunger, to ‘Donate a Meal to Someone in Need’

Nominate someone to win a £250 gift from Coca-Cola

To take part and to help ‘Donate a Meal to someone in Need’ you need to buy a promotional 500ml or 1.25l bottle of Coca-Cola (any variant) which features the FareShare logo. You then need to take a photo and upload it to

Coca-Cola will then donate 25p for every photo uploaded.

This amount will help FareShare to provide a frontline charity, such as a homeless shelter or older people’s lunch club with enough food to serve someone in need.

While you may think that 25p may not make all that difference BUT imagine that 1,000 people upload a photo that is £250 now think of the amount of Coca-Cola drinkers out there; 100,000 = £25000, 250,000 = £62,500 – one person may not make a difference but united together it will make a HUGE difference.

Coca-Cola has launched a new Christmas advert this year entitled ‘A Coke for Christmas’ Coca-Cola is championing the people behind the scenes that help make Christmas special

This is why this festive season I have teamed up with Coca-Cola to help to uncover the unsung heroes out there. Do you have a friend, family member or even a neighbour who you would like to nominate to receive a really special gift this Christmas.

Is there someone who always puts others first, someone who has had a really tough year and you would like to cheer up this Christmas, a shopkeeper who goes above and beyond for everyone, or perhaps a neighbour who takes in your parcels, puts out your rubbish and looks after the house if you are away?

Of course you could always nominate yourself if you think you deserve a prize.

The prize can be whatever you like and think the nominated person would like:

  • A spa day
  • A Christmas hamper with everything from the Turkey to the mince pies
  • Swimming for the kids
  • A bike
  • A new wheelchair
  • A cleaner for a month
  • The choice is yours and the prize can be anything up to the value of £250

How to nominate

To nominate your chosen recipient please leave a blog post telling me who you would like to nominate, the prize you think they would like and why they deserve to win. Please leave me a way to contact you should you win…a twitter handle or email address are fine

I will then be working alongside Coca-Cola to choose a winner of this prize, which will also be accompanied by a Coca-Cola gift comprising Fare Share branded Coca-Cola Zero Sugar product (2 x 500ml bottles), a set of two Coca-Cola Riedel glasses, a mini Coca-Cola Christmas truck and a personalised note.

Please note – I will be reading all entries carefully but please do not write a sob story on why someone should win – there are so many deserving people out there that I want it to be a fair and not about who can write the saddest tale.

I will not enter into any correspondence throughout the entry process so please do not email or message me other than to leave your comment on this post (sadly this does happen often).

It would be great if the winning nominator could capture and share photography of themselves gifting their nominee with Coca-Cola’s gift so that we can see the surprise on their faces! This photography will then be posted on my social media channels so we can all share in the moment with you.

I will also be sharing these pictures so you can all see the happy surprise being unveiled.

This competition is open from 9th December and closes at midnight on 14th December and a winner will be contacted by myself on the 15th December. Prizes will given to the winners the week commencing 19th December.

Good Luck and I look forward to reading your nominations. UK entrants only

***15th December***

The winner of this wonderful prize is Angela who nominated her 14 year old son. You can find her nomination in the comments below. 


“This is a collaborative post with Coca-Cola”


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76 thoughts on “Win a Christmas treat for someone of your choice up to £250 with Coca-Cola #HolidaysAreComing

  1. Ca fait 5 ans que lui et Toni la ramènent sur le thème il faut plus de tournois sur terre battue. Rajouté au « j’ai besoin de plus que le temps réglementaire pour souffler entre les points si je veux pouvoir jouer mon jeu. Donc je le prends tant que les arbitres laissent couler ».Ca fait beaucoup. Pour moi ça fait même trop, mais ça n’est pas un scoop.

  2. I’d like to nominate my Mum for a hotel stay in London. When I was about 4, she had a favourite afghan sheepskin jacket. We even have a photo of her in it in her little mini skirt! But, as little girls do, I wanted one just like it. So Mum, bless her, cut the arms off to make me a little sleeveless jacket to match. I would just like to say thanks for that and for all the other selfless things she has done for us over the years.

  3. I would like to scrap my first reply above please, as all day I have been thinking how selfish I was being and I have one friend, out of so many who could do with a little treat, something to help her smile and brighten the darkest of times.
    Nicole Tremble Searle, lost her beloved husband last month, Richard, he left behind two gorgeous son’s aged 9 & 7 who are helping give their mum a reason to get out of bed each day.
    Losing someone is never easy and for a young family, it is such a trying time, sadly Nicole then lost her Nan a few weeks later end of November, so for me I would love to nominate Nicole, for a treat for her and her two boys, perhaps a weekend in legoland or somewhere making happy memories and getting out 🙂

    Everyone deserves a treat, but some have less reason to smile, so no matter how bad a day, week, month we are having, we must remember there is always someone going through worse.

  4. Hello.
    First of all, thank you for doing this.
    This is difficult as I don’t like talking about personal stuff…Ok. So, my husband is my carer. Without him, I don’t have a life outside the house. He does everything. He works part time as he’s needed at home. He’s an amazing dad to our 5 year old, he goes without, never complains and always has a terrible joke and a cute smile.
    He does much more than I want to go into here. I’d like him to win so he can have a new x box, it’s the only “him” thing he gets to do outside all his commitments. His isn’t working and …well I just feel guilty he doesn’t get any down time.
    Thank you again anyway.
    Mrs_Pixie_Bee on twitter.

  5. I’d like to nominate my husband and 13 year old son to have hotel break in Manchester with a visit to Old Trafford. My son is a fan but as we live in Newcastle he has yet to see his team play in their home ground. They deserve a treat just to let them know how how awesome they are!

  6. A spa day for my mum. She always gives everything to everyone else and never does anything for herself. Would love to win for her 🙂

  7. I’d love to nominate my wife, as her “push present” she’s just given birth to our 2nd little boy @ home…she very much deserves some “down time” a spa day would be simply amazing !

  8. I’d like to nominate my Mum to receive everything for a christmas dinner, as she works so hard all year and somehow still finds time to shop for and cook dinner

  9. I’d nominate my mum. She is retired but trying to stay active. She’s a widow and bike would help her keep fit, either on her own or as part of a group, and enjoy the fresh air.

  10. I’d nominate my husband as his Simple approach to things, patience and maturity has made our relationship very beautiful and strong ..really love him.Would love to treat him with this wonderful win

  11. Would like to nominate my Husband who has recently being diagnosed with a blood clot on the brain. He needs to elevate the pressure in his brain as this gives him debilitating headaches, sleeping in our old bed is certainly not helping. He has been such a trooper as as he has gone back to work due to being self employed and only complaining occasionally. I would love to get him a new bed to aid his sleep and so is able to wake headache free. Thanks for the chance and Merry Christmas to you and best wishes to whoever is choosen..

  12. I’d like to nominate my husband, he works in a care home specialising in Dementia which I really admire him for as I have first hand experience with my Nan suffering from it. He is sacrificing his Christmas day with his 2 young children (3 and 4) and myself to work for the third year running. I’d love to show him how much he means to us by getting him a mountain bike, he is desperate to get out cycling and explore the countryside around us and get himself a bit healthier too!!

  13. I would like to nominate my identical twin sister. I discovered at the beginning of the year that i am unable to have children of my own. My husband and I are devastated but my sister has offered to donate her eggs to me so we have a chance of becoming parents. We start our IVF journey in January and I would love to surprise her with a large festive hamper full of Christmas goodies for her and her family to enjoy. It would go just a small way in letting her know how truly grateful I am.

  14. I’d like to nominate Clare Wheatley. I met Clare through the Shropshire & Mid Wales Cancer Users forum, about a year ago. (I’m the chair of the group). Clare is a cancer survivor and came along to get involved with our work which is improving the cancer experience for those following us. The more I’ve got to know Clare the more impressed I’ve been. She has made amazing changes to her life, having been part of our local Get Active, Feel Better programme she embraced this and is now qualified as a Cancer Rehab specialist. This is an amazing achievement in itself with a qualification equivalent to the same standard as a degree. Clare has even spoken at some national conferences as a patient voice promoting physical activity from the patients perspective.
    Clare has thrown herself into helping others affected by cancer and gives her time freely, despite her own health issues. This includes volunteering as a steward at the Macmillans Colour run – she was on the green station and I’ve seen the photos, Clare was literally green from her toes to her head, not sure if her trainers ever recovered.
    We’ve recently been working with our local hospital on issues around appropriate food for people with dietary restrictions, Clare has been involved in all the meetings and is a great patient advocate. Her personal experience with the lymphoedema service has resulted in our working with the local commissioners to ensure better patient involvement in proposed changes to services. Our forum put on a Cancer Wellbeing Event, which was attended by approximately 70 people and had really positive feedback. Clare was significantly involved in this event from sourcing an appropriate venue, creating and distributing flyers, assisting with creating and printing evaluation forms and was there on the day helping from standing in a cold car park, to manning our stand and generally helping out throughout the day. I can genuinely say without her input this event is unlikely to have happened.
    She also does lots of voluntary work for Macmillan, from fundraising to speaking to even occasional photographer. All this work is improving the lives of people around us and I believe Clare truly deserves recognition of all her voluntary work. I would love her to win love 2 shop vouchers as I know money is difficult and this would enable her to buy something that is truly wanted and needed.

  15. I would like to nominate my 76 year old Dad. Mum died two years ago and despite him having bad health we nursed her at home until the end. He had a serious accident two months later but due to his strength and determination pulled through. He still goes out on his bike but struggles now due to arthritis in his knees. He is wanting an electric bicycle, so I would love to nominate him to win this money to go towards that.

  16. I’d like to nominate my husband James. This past year I have been doing my degree full time and he has had to support our family on his salary alone. It’s been really really tough, and he never gets a treat for himself, he even tells us to not buy him anything at Christmas! I’d love to put him a treat pack together – his favourite aftershave, a beer tasting gift experience, a couple of posh shirts, a book. He really deserves it for all he does for our family.

  17. I’d like to nominate my mum to win a war time party with a singer of those old songs. She has alzheimers and when they have entertainers at the care home they are usually 50’s themed. Though she adored Elvis he is long forgotten. The only songs she knows all the words to now are from her childhood. On the bright side when I’m older it will be the groovy 60’s all over again yay!

  18. I would like to nominate my mum, Jocelynne. I know that there are lots of deserving people but I would love for her to win because she has been my hero this year. Firstly through lots of research she found what disease I had and a doctor to help when the doctors didn’t know. She has driven me to appointments around the country. One of my doctors is 6 hours away. She then supported me financially, physically and emotionally through 2 spinal operations. I was on bed rest for months so she had to do everything from looking after the dogs to cleaning and being my nurse. While going to work. In the middle of this she was made redundant but instead of feeling sorry for herself she used it as an opportunity to start her own business and because of her hard work it’s going well. Because of her help I’m back at work, no longer need a wheelchair and not depressed. She is my best friend and has taught me not to feel sorry for myself, there are people worse so get up fight and be thankful for what you have. Xx my email is xx

  19. my step dad.

    My mammy (only 62), had horrific brain injury in March, she is now so disabled she cant even swallow and will never be allowed home again. I live in the highlands and she lives in the north east, so i dont get down enough. My step dad has literally never left her side, he stayed with her all the day and some nights in the hospital when he was allowed, even now she is in a home the second his eyes open he is with her. He is so kind and selfless, he always thinks of others. For once id like him to realize how much we think of him. If he won this it would mean that although he cant share it with my mammy, he can have himself a few lovely treats. my wee boy Monty would LOVE the truck. Please consider this. Thank you for reading this. Merry Christmas. even if i dont win, please phone your mammy and tell her you love her, I almost lost mine never take her for granted.

    Thank you.
    Emmy (yes my name is Emmy too). x

  20. i nominate my son and would like to give him a new phone he helps me alot when im ill which is alot lately dont now what id do without him

  21. I would like to nominate my mum she’s had a tough few years but nothing that’s knocked her off her feet has kept her down for long.
    She nursed both my uncle and dad through terminal cancer holding their hands to the very last.
    She also helped me look after my daughter when I was offered a job in a field I love but couldn’t afford to work in as the salary didn’t go near the childcare!
    In October she had to have brain surgery to clip two aneurysm’s she had and despite an eight hour surgery she was insistent she just needed a wee cup of tea and would be home lol she amazes me every day and I’m forever grateful that I get to call her mum.
    I would love to win for her as she’s always giving to everyone else and leaving herself to last I’d like her to see she’s our first <3

  22. I’m not about sob stories, or sad, begging tales, so, I’ll keep this as positive as possible!…My son Trent, who’s autistic,finds even the little things most people take for granted a struggle! ( meeting people,talking, laughing, eye contact, reading dangerous situations, even making a cup of tea!) ..Everyday he get’s up , and, has a positive outlook, pushing himself out of his comfort zone, and, achieving the small goals he sets his self!!… Yes!, we have many setbacks, and, No!, he won’t let his self be beat!! I really think he deserves a special treat!! He likes ‘talking’ to people via gaming on the internet, when he doesn’t have make eye contact, and, his laptop is ‘prehistoric’! I’d love to be able to get him a new one!! many thanks!

  23. My wife who is simply stunning. She works, mums, and goes to uni as well as volunteering for charity. She is unbelievable

  24. I would love to nominate my Mum and Dad they are a huge help to me even through we lives miles apart i speak to my mum everyday on the phone and they would do anything for me, My dad been very ill this year and has been a lot of stress on them both, i would love to say thank you and help take they wait off this Christmas for my mum with all the cooking a lovely hamper or food parcel for Christmas so she dosnt have to cook with be amazing, Thank you

  25. I would like to nominate my 6 year old son, Thomas. He had a bad fall off his bike earlier this year where he badly cut his chin. Following this he had a real crisis of confidence and became very withdrawn and reluctant to try new things or go anywhere unfamiliar. He wouldn’t even join in with a class assembly where the whole class sang a song together, instead he sat with the year above. This made me really sad so I have tried my best to rebuild his confidence and get him back to his normal self. I signed him up to Beavers and gymnastics. He wasn’t at all keen to go but I persuaded him to give each one a go. After the first week he loved them both and was happy to return. He has really tried hard to step outside his comfort zone and do things that are secretly terrifying and I am incredibly proud to say he is now reaping the rewards. He is excelling in his school work, reached a new level with his swimming, gone to a new course at the leisure centre on his own and eventually got back on his bike. I would love to show him how proud I am of the progress he has made and reward him with a brand new bike by a really good brand, like Frog, to help continue his progress and confidence building.

  26. id love to nominate one of my clients , she turns 90 this this year , she is so special too me , and is always there when i need her , and im always there for her , we have formed such a special bond over the last 3 years of being her carer id love for her to recieve a lovely hamper , including audio books registered blind and a new dab radio she loves listening to smooth fm

  27. I would like to nominate my mum to have a shopping spree because she has recently been ill and lost 2 stone so nothing fits her. She is kind, caring and a special lady

  28. I would like to nominate me son as he is a first aid trainer at 23 and he is spending his time training homeless people and Big Issue sellers in first aid. His wish is to have a trained first aider on every street in Britain. Amazon vouchers to enable him to buy himself a special treat would be lovely.

  29. I would love to nominate my BFF Debs. Her and I get together every week to catch up and during that time we have lots of laughs, sometimes tears and always a little moan! She has kept me sane and we are always there for each other. Both her and her husabnd have had a tough time with illness but still she babysits and does little favours. I’m certain she would love a Spa Day, to unwind and recharge! @sitstillmonkeys xx

  30. My husband! Because of how proud we are of him.
    This year he got a First in his university degree, yup, the man who didn’t get any GCSE’s as a teen, somehow managed to complete 3 adult GCSE evening courses, complete his university degree, and work full time as a teaching assistant, all in one year. Oh, and on the weekends when he had time to do his assignments, I worked, meaning he had to look after the children too!
    Now he’s a trainee teacher! I would love to take him to his favourite place for a family day out – The Warner Bros Studio Tour (Harry Potter Tour!) I know it would make him so happy to receive this gift as a thank you for his hard work.

  31. So many worthy people, so many stories and reasons for people to win.
    I have so many that I would love to nominate, but I am going to be slightly selfish and nominate my own family, my children, I would love to Win something for them to make happy memories, times are tough for so many, but even though we do not have much, my children never complain, they know this Christmas we are having huge cutbacks, but putting fun into what we do have, from creating our own Christmas decorations and making mince pies to going out for walks, appreciating the beautiful countryside.
    My children have been amazing, they are my reason for getting up in the morning, they are the reason I fall into bed exhausted, but blessed.
    What a wonderful idea this is.
    I would also love to gift/nominate my adorable friend AK a bouquet of flowers, just for being so lovely and sweet and for mentioning us out of all the people she knows.

  32. I’d like to nominate my friend Stacie (who blogs at She is a busy working mum who is super stressed out in her teaching job dealing with horrible kids and she deserves a little something for herself. I know she really wants a camera for blogging so I’d love to gift her a voucher to put towards it 🙂

  33. I would love to nominate my Dad for being a fantastic Dad, we have grown so much closer since losing my mum 4 years ago and I could never thank him enough for all his help, always being there to help me when money is short and helping me find the best price for toys for the kids, he has been so helpful and kind to me I would love to give him something back, I think love 2 shop vouchers or a top of the range Jet wash would be great for him, he never likes to treat himself however I know he would be over the moon with a present like that. @littlestar1979

  34. I would like to nominate my friend Stewart. Being a wheelchair user and a football fan, attending Aston Villa matches both home and away, he has recently set up a Facebook page for disabled Aston Villa fans to air their views on the standard of facilities for away fans at football grounds. He also posts details of where to park and any difficulties that wheelchair users might face when attending certain football grounds, which is proving to be not only helpful but highlights the problems faced by the disabled community. His aim is to try and improve facilities at the football grounds he attends. We have encountered good things such as a kiosk designated for wheelchair users which enabled Stewart to order a drink for him and his friends independently. That was a huge boost for him. On the downside very few grounds offer seats for the carer next to the wheelchair user, which is awful. Most carers are friends or family members and they obviously want to sit next to the person they are caring for.

    I think Stewart deserves to be considered for this prize for playing his part in trying to improve facilities for disabled football fans. He knows it will take a lot for things to improve but it has to start somewhere.

    The prize for him? Well when he isn’t at the football he likes to go to the theatre so I think he would appreciate membership vouchers for the Royal Shakespeare Theatre Stratford upon Avon, or something along those lines.

  35. I would like to nominate my sister-in-law and her family, every Christmas they invite me to share Christmas with them, without their kind invitation I would spend Christmas on my own. It would be brilliant if I could offer them a hamper that included everything for the Christmas lunch as a way of letting them know how much I appreciate what they do especially at Christmas but also throughout the year

  36. I would like you to give the money directly to charity rather than to a specific individual. My choice of charity would be The Prospect Hospice in Swindon, who do so much for people who are terminally ill and their families.

  37. I would nominate my husband Ronnie to win some Love2Shop vouchers. He has worked so hard and decorating our home this year, and done such a great job.
    He loves looking round the High Street shops but doesn’t like to spend money on himself. The prize would mean he could spend without feeling guilty.

  38. I’d like to nominate my dad. He’s the best! He cares for my Grandpa, his dad, who is elderly with a range of health issues. As well as having power of attorney for my Grandpa he has power of attorney for his childhood friend, who had a mental break down 30 yrs ago. So he takes care of two very vulnerable people. On top of that he looks after my three munchkins regularly and does it all with charm.
    He’s lost 5 stone this year in order to better look after his own health. With all this going on it’s his house that ends up lacking attention. I’d nominate my dad, Daryl Gott, to have a cleaner for a month x

  39. I would love to nominate my husband Matt he has a tough year being made redundant but despite these set backs he has continued to volunteer to work with youth in our local church. He has been brilliant at building relationships particularly with some of the young men that other people have found more challenging and I would love to recognise him for the many hours he has spent getting alongside them.
    I think an X box would be a really fitting present because he would be able to enjoy it with some of the young people he volunteers with as well.

  40. I’d like to nominate my friend Claire, she lost her little boy Ollie to leukaemia in Sept 2015, after he had fought it for 5 years, throughout that time she and her husband were separated from her two other children (who are both completely amazing too) for long periods of time, so she has now set up a Charity in Ollie’s name to raise money to help and support other families going through this terrible disease, she is also an awesome swimming instructor, teaching and inspiring children, she is a huge Michael Ball fan, so I would love to give her vouchers for an online ticket company, so she can be there for a concert in 2017 x

  41. I’d like to nominate my mum for being such a selfless human being. No matter what, she puts everyone else first and helps us all out so much. From doting on her grandchildren who adore her to always being there for anyone who needs help. She also makes the best cakes ever, and mince pies (and I don’t usually like mince pies!). I would love to gift her a new mixer so that she no longer has to mix everything by hand. Thanks @Yorkshire_Mummy

  42. I would like to nominate my friend Sadie Quinton who is a amazing single mum to 4 gorgeous kids she’s hard working and always puts others first! Now to choose which treat she would like this is a tricky one I think she would love love love a Spa day to get pampered but I also know she loves giving her children something so a hamper with all the Christmas food would take some pressure off her and make sure that the Quinton family all have a amazing Christmas meal! X

  43. It would have to be my husband! He works very hard during the night but always comes in and makes breakfast for our little boy, he loves us both to the moon and back and it would be really nice to show just how much his efforts and love is appreciated! He would be over the moon to get a specially tailored luxury hamper with a few Malt whiskeys which is his favourite tipple

  44. I nominate my Mum because of her bravery and tenacity. She has been through so much in her life, including being left a single mother when my Dad died. She never complains, and is always there for anyone. She’s never got any money because she will invariably give her last pound to someone who needs it. My dream is to be in a financial position to look after her for a change. I’m not ashamed to say that she is my heroine and the person I look up to the most in this world. No matter that I am an adult and a mother myself. I’d love for her to receive a Christmas hamper. It’s something she’s always wanted but could never afford.

  45. My husband, he was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in January and has just taken the condition in his steps and got it under control very quickly. It does mean he gets tired and we have 2 young kids take up all of our time. a cleaner would help tidy the house when the is no energy left!

  46. I would like to nominate my friend Anita. She has so much going on in her life and remains so strong it is quite awe-inspiring. She is a carer for her very ill parents, her eldest daughter has various conditions including adhd, and her youngest is undergoing assessment for similar. Her partner is facing redundancy over Christmas which is adding to the pressure they are all under as a family. It would be so lovely to present her with a Christmas hamper as a thank you for being such a wonderful friend and taking the time to care about me even when she has so much on her plate. She is an amazing person, as are all the people I’ve read about in the comments. This is such a great competition 🙂

  47. I’d love to nominate my mother in law Linda James. She set up an anti bullying charity called Bulliesout and has been building it up from scratch for years. She spreads ridiculous amounts of hours going to meetings, promoting the good works, delivering training to schools and businesses and this was all recognised this year when she was awarded an MBE by HRH the Queen. At the same time she is a fantastic mum to her 3 boys and a great grandmother to her 3 granddaughters. She suffers from ill health, but nothing stops her enthusiasm and she just keep going and going!! I’m not sure what she would like apart from a donation to the charity, maybe some new soft furnishings as she is very house proud and my daughters might have ruined a sofa cushion or two! I would suggest the cleaner for a month, but I know she would clean before and after they came!!

  48. i’d nominate my daughter Ellie (7 years old). She is always helping out new kids in school and has been part of the school council for 2 years now. She’s always giving her toys away and sharing stuff with other kids. I’d nominate her to receive £250 worth of lego as she loves lego!

  49. I’d like to nominate my oldest daughter Kirsten, she’s 12 years old and showed bravery and maturity at school this week when surrounded and everyone started shouting fight. She removed the girls hands and walked away. I’d like her to win a bike.

  50. I would like to nominate my husband, Andrew.
    We have been married for over two years now and he has had to give up work to become my full time carer, something neither or us were expecting when we swore in sickness and in health!
    He always puts me first, never makes me feel like a burden and even sings to me when I am stressed or sad. He tells me funny made-up stories to take my mind off worrying, and he always finds new ways to make me smile. He is not just a wonderful husband, but a wonderful human being too.
    I would love to be able to say thank you by giving him a new phone – something he really wants but won’t buy as he doesn’t like spending money on himself.
    I would love to see his face if he was chosen to be gifted this special thank you!

    Merry Christmas to whoever reads this!

  51. I’d like to nominate my Mother-in-Law Sas and I’d love to win her a new stand mixer. The one she has isn’t suitable for her as she has Rheumatoid Arthritis and it’s getting increasingly harder to use. She loves baking but finds that she can’t do it as much anymore. I’d love to win her a new one as she is the mother I never have and she’s done so much for us, we’d love to give her a little piece of happiness.

  52. I would nominate my daughter who is a caring loving foster mum to three young siblings under eight, plus her own five year old, so she is constantly busy, busy, busy! They have just moved home to a farm & we all know how stressful moving house is, so having the pleasure of a cleaner would be marvellous.

  53. I nominate my mum as she’s beautiful inside and out, an eternal optimist with a kind, gorgeous soul. She never treats herself so she deserves this, I’d love for her to receive the Christmas hamper. The best mum, grandmother anyone could wish for???

  54. I know a woman that is a very special lady called Dawn Harvey she opens her home to very special children with special needs on a weekly basis and spends a lot of time fundraising for children and families in the local borough, she also finds time in her busy schedule to supports other related charities and events. just recently she has had a wet room and sensory room built to help the children with there senses to touch, see, hear and relax all special children are welcome and her home is called Little Eden Little 🙂 I think she would love a spa day just so that she can have some me time, something that she never has time for or maybe a wheelchair that could be donated to one of her special needs children 🙂

  55. i would like to nominate my mum as she’s always there for us and puts up with so much. Also she raised a pretty amazing daughter so deserves recognition for that! she would love to feed the big cats at the zoo! @sam_macaree

  56. I’d like to nominate my husband for being a fantastic father to our son 🙂 He would love a Christmas hamper for the family for Christmas 🙂

  57. I would love to nominate Dawn wright she is so caring and helpful she puts everyone else before helpself ,she is off work sick at present but that doesn,t stop her from travelling on public transport it takes her two hours to go and see her younger sister who is in hospital.

  58. I would like to nominate my nephew Jak , he’s an absolute angel . He helps take care of his two younger brothers, cooks whilst still attending school and visiting his mum in hospital. He’s such an inspirational young boy who derserves a special treat . I know he would love some Adias ultra boost trainers x

  59. I would like to nominate my wonderful mum for the Spa Day because she has worked tiredlessly and selflessly helping others all year round which often seems one sided, I know this would do her the world of good

  60. I’d love to nominate my mum for a spa day, she has ME and having some time to relax would be so important to help her feel well.

  61. I’d like to nominate my sister for an overnight spa break. She took early retirement so that she could become full time carer for our parents. Mum has Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis & ostearthritis & Dad had a stroke & has angina & arthritis. Karen never has a minute to herself but never complains but I know how stressed she gets. I can’t help out as I’m disabled myself & live 130 miles away. I’d love to give her some respite just for one night away where she can be the one to be positively pampered.

  62. I would love to win a nice tea or chocolate hamper for my husband. I’ve been going through a fight for my life for the past decade, but he’s been there for me the entire time and not given up or stopped supporting me. It’s been very hard on both of us, alot of tears and pain, I would love to opportunity to just give him a little cheer and a thank you x

  63. i nominate my daughter sophie. I have MS and she is a great help. i would love for her to win a laptop as she never asks for anything

  64. I would nominate my step mum Val. She has looked after my father tirelessly for years, but even more so the past two years. During that time he has had something like ten strokes and been in and out of hospital. He can be a difficult patient and she has been a saint. On top of that she has had back pain from a slipped disc all year plus she was in a RTA and spent 72 hours on her back in hospital while they stabilised her. And to top it all they moved house during the year as well. I don’t know how she has coped and I would love to get her a spa day, or possibly a flight to Ireland to see her best friend.

  65. I would like to nominate my lovely friend becki and her family, who has been through her fair share of heart ache, and now face Christmas in hospital with their very poorly little baby. She has three other children at home and a Christmas hamper and some presents would certainly lighten the load for them and bring them some cheer this Christmas xxx

  66. I would like to nominate my 14 year old son. I was diagnosed with cancer this year and under went gruelling treatment before the summer . He was around everyday looking after the younger siblings, making sure I was comfortable and cooking for the family. For the past month I have been in hospital after having 2 operations, one successfully removing the cancer free tumour and one an emergency op on the bowel. He visits every day after school to sit with me for half hour, sometimes I’m asleep and I awake to see him holding my hand. He looks after his brothers and cooks Gousto dinners for the family. He does all this whilst still achieving high in school and at his running. He is one determined boy who deserves a little treat. I would like for him to have a driving experience in a high speed car or indoor sky diving. Something just for him.
    Thank you, keeping my fingers crossed

    1. Uresh, I too think it is a possibility but I am far from an expert. Boeing has built some extra time ino the schedule because the unexpected can happen and more time is required. My question is whether the ease of the factory gauntet test augurs well for the next tests. Did the fluidity of the factroy gauntlet indicate that the systems are working well and the hardware and software are well integrated and functioning smoothly. Many people thought that if there was to be a problem, it would be with the software not the physical plane.

  67. I would love to nominate my husband. We have three small children(4 and under) and he’s always there doing his fair share(and sometimes more) of the household and childcare duties. On top of all this, he works from 6 till 6. He’s absolutely exhausted and could do with a well deserved rest. I think he would love a spa break, so he could relax and not have anything to worry about it.

  68. I would like to nominate my mum because she is amazing. Every week she looks after my four children and I for a day, she doesn’t mind if I bring work to do or if I fall asleep on the sofa, she plays with them, feeds them and brings me coffee whilst I put my feet up. She is the best mum and Grandma I could ever imagine and I would love for her to win something special, a treat for her – she would love tickets to a musical in London and a fancy dinner, it would be the perfect prize for her.

  69. I would love to nominate my Husband Craig! Just under 2 weeks ago we moved house, we knew our ‘new’ house was going to need work doing to it. But we never realised quite how much! Craig has been working tirelessly for the past 2 weeks to make sure the house is in a semi fit state for Christmas! As well as working full time, he has managed to decorate both children’s bedrooms, re configure the kitchen to accommodate a cooker, and he is currently downstairs painting the front room! We love him so much and really would love to show him how much we appreciate all of his hard work! I would love to be able to say thank you by giving him a break from the decorating, I know that what he would love the most would be to spend precious time with me and our two children and I know he wants to go to the Star Wars show/display at The O2!

  70. My friend Kerry totally deserves a relaxing Spa day. It’s been a tough year for her but she ALWAYS put everyone before herself, even when she shouldn’t. Love her to bits and would love for her to have a special treat for a change x

  71. My sister Kayleigh because she does so much for everyone and always put everyone before herself.. she spoils her nieces and nephews so much and I think she forgets that she needs to take 5 minutes out sometimes for herself and to treat herself from time to time. She puts a lot of time and effort into everything she does. I would love to win her a Christmas hamper with all the trimmings and a lovely bottle of her favourite perfume xx

  72. I’d like to nominate my friend Erica , she works full time as a self employed, selling fair trade goods & she does so much work for charity. She’s a mum to four and just an amazing lady & a fantastic friend

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