Win a LeapTV plus 2 games #review

Win a LeapTV

For Emmy’s 6th Birthday her Grandad asked what she would like from him as he always does and we picked out a LeapTV from Leap Frog, she hadn’t really been into computer based gaming and while still young it seemed perfect for her as instead of her sitting down playing games this console encourages children to be up on their feet interacting with the screen in order to play games.

The LeapTV has a camera which you place onto of your TV and when plugged into the console picks up the movements from the game controller, for some games it also places you child onto the TV screen so they can use their body as the controller, this encourages them to move around, jump to take part in some games, climb ladders, dance and much more.

The LeapTv is the first active interactive video gaming system specifically for children, it features three unique ways to play – classic game mode in standard mode, motion controller and LED pointer controller that children can use to clear a path through a jungle, slice a coconut ore more. Think of it a little like the Wii only for younger children and with more features – the LeapTV is aimed at children aged 3-8 years old and there are a variety of games available.

Recently the children received a selection of games to play on their console and they couldn’t have been happier.

There are lots of games available for the LeapTV, from your favourite characters to dance, sports and even drawing games.

A few titles available to buy are:

  • Dance and Learn
  • Blaze and the Monster Machines
  • Sports!
  • Paw Patrol
  • Sofia the First
  • Bubble Guppies
  • Letter Factory Adventures
  • Mr Pencil presents Doodle Craft
  • and more

As well as having the cartridges available to buy for around £19.99-24.99, there is the option to buy the apps from the Leap Frog websites, you can download these for £15 or there are app bundles available where you get 3 apps for £27 (currently £24).

We’ve been having a play around with a few of the games and currently Harry’s favourite is the Paw Patrol game which features 6 active adventure missions and is a 1 player game. It helps to teach children their animals, sorting and classifying and life science. Helping to rescue the baby whale who is stranded on the beach is a particular favourite for Harry, he has to use the LED pointer to direct the water hose at the whale, collect pup treats and help to entertain the whale.

As you can see Harry is really enjoying this game.

Emmy has been enjoying Doodle Craft which is a drawing type building games where you create, build and explore your own world. Build houses and decorate them. It encourages creative expression, art & drawing skills, spatial awareness and sorting and classifying.  This can be a 1 or 2 player game (you can purchase extra controllers or use 1 between 2 players if you prefer – we chose to purchase a separate one to avoid the arguments).

The game I really enjoy is one we can play as a family with up to 4 players and this is Sports! with 9 games available there is something we all enjoy, and of course we aren’t all good at one game so it does mean we can get a little competitive while playing.  The games include: Super Goalie, Karate, Baseball, Bowling, Swimming, Rope Climbing, Weightlifting, Skateboarding and Snowboarding.

This game helps to encourage maths skills such as Addition, Subtraction, Patterns and shapes. It also encourages turn taking and gets everyone up and moving – and of course if great fun (even when you live with sore losers!)

To find out more about the LeapTV, games and apps available please visit

Giveaway Time


I have teamed up with Leap Frog for my latest giveaway where one lucky reader can win a LeapTV (worth £119.99) for themselves PLUS 2 games – Sports! and Doodle Craft.

To enter this giveaway please fill in the rafflecopter form below. Giveaway closes at Midnight on 16th April 2017 and is open to UK entrants only. Good Luck

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signatureDisclaimer: We received a selection of games from Leap Frog

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192 thoughts on “Win a LeapTV plus 2 games #review

  1. My little pony where her and her friends act like the characters in the show and chase each other around lol

  2. Picture dominoes and dressing the dog up at the moment. He’s a labrador cross and has been brought up with kids so he just goes to sleep and lets them get on with it.

  3. Aside from trying to destroy the house, her favourite game is catch. Catch is also one of the few words she can say clearly.

  4. My children are grown up but I spend a lot of time playing with my 4 year old, great-niece. She loves playing doctors and has a stethoscope that she never lets out of her sight.

  5. My youngest daughter has some reading games on her tab and loves those. She also likes to take over her sisters 3DS because it has horrid henry on it even though she hasn’t a clue how to play lol.

  6. Mine are going through a good old fashioned board gane phase at the moment. A particular favourite is Dont Wake Dad. Fab giveaway would love to be your lucky winner. Fingers crossed

  7. my son Harry loves the Furby app on his sister tablet at the moment not entirely sure he knows what he’s doing but he’s always laughing when playing it

  8. My little fella loves me to download the free driving games apps on our tablet…but they must have a ‘steering wheel’ on them…none of that tilt-screen or left-right button nonsense for him 😉

  9. She loves playing the games on my NES Classic but she’s a bit young for them and can’t quite get the hang of them.

  10. My little girls favourite game at the moment is a furchester hotel app on my kindle fire. She can work it better than I can and she’s still 2 lol she does prefer being outside though if that’s an option so this would be great for wet and windy days x

  11. My grandson loves to play on Mario Kart when he comes round while his sister likes to dribble the soft cushion football up and down the lounge x

  12. My daughters are really into imaginative games at the minute – they can spend hours just making up role play scenarios together (before the inevitable fall outs occur!)

  13. My grandson loves monopoly he likes all the different version they have out now and he’s getting a collector

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