Win with Clover Time: prizes include a 5 hour cleaning service & a professional chef for the evening

As a parent I often find that there aren’t enough hours in the day, I’m sure that you have all found the same.  Something at some point needs to give, be it washing up left in the sink, gardening put off for a week or two or washing/ironing left until another day.  We usually put off the boring jobs in order to spend the quality time needed with our children – I know I do as let’s face it even helping with homework beats the ironing hands down.
For a month Clover are offering the chance for busy parents to win prizes which will help to free up some of their time in the new Clover Time competition.  This competition will run from 10th August until 6th September.
Clover realise just how busy parents are and would like to offer some wonderful prizes which could potentially help make life a little easier.
This competition will be running over the course of a month and the more entries received the more prizes will be unlocked.
2000 entries will unlock the first set of prizes which are 10 ceramic memo elephants – use these for writing quirky notes to each other on or adding your shopping list – no more arguments over forgotten teabags (well as long as you remember to write them on your list that is).
4000 entries will unlock the next prize of 10 hand blenders.
6000 entries are needed for the next prize which is 5 consecutive hours of a deep clean for the winners house/flat
8000 entries will unlock the amazing prize of a professional chef for the evening
All details of these prizes and when they will be unlocked can be found on the Clover Facebook page so do keep an eye so you don’t miss them and tell your friends as the more who enter the more prizes will be unlocked.
From a personal point of view I would love to win the cleaning service, there are the areas I do daily such as hovering (I have two kids and a dog after all), those which I manage to get done on a weekly basis – a proper bathroom clean and those which are done as and when I remember – well it’s not like I can see the cobwebs all that well being short!
Full details of the t&c’s can be found here with the winners being announced over on the Clover Facebook page. 
I would love to know which prize you would love to win most and if you won the main prizes how would you spend the time saved?
I think I would plan a clean to be done once the kids were back in school and go for a manicure and pedicure.
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8 thoughts on “Win with Clover Time: prizes include a 5 hour cleaning service & a professional chef for the evening

  1. What great prices, I love the look of the ceramic elephant – such a great idea for jotting things down! I would love someone to come and clean my house – sometimes it really does feel like a neverending (and thankless) task!

  2. Time… I have forgotten what it's like to have free time… what did I do with myself before baby… I think of all the free time I had and how I didn't use it, when I could have done so much to the house and now I have the schedule cleaning time! O.o

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