Winter Is Coming: Brace Yourselves!

Winter is on its way. This can only mean one thing; the summer is officially over. The nights are drawing longer and the weather is getting colder – bitterly, in fact. Some people love winter, whilst others just can’t hack it. Whatever your opinion is, there’s no denying that it takes a fair bit of preparation! 

You can’t very well have the kids walking around in shorts and T-shirts anymore (boo), because they’ll quite literally freeze to death. There are some lovely, cosier alternatives though which can be equally cute. Of course, if you’re going to be taking the kids out and about, or even doing your own thing, you’ll need warm clothes of your own. Any excuse to buy something new – which is why this Joules Jacket from Country Clothing Direct will be absolutely perfect. It’s practical, and stylish, so you don’t have to compromise.  I honestly don’t need an excuse to window shop and this weather is making me want to buy loads of tracksuits and hoodies, wrap the blanets around and snuggle up with cosy slippers.

Only yesterday I had to take Emmy to the shops to buy a new winter coat, she seems to have grown another foot overnight and her old one was on the short side.  I searched online and found a few nice ski jackets but decided it was best to try them on her.  We popped to our local TKMaxx and tried a couple on before deciding on a purple padded Lego coat which she loves – and I of course love money saved – £19.99 down from £64.99!

When it comes to dealing with the cold, many families struggle as they find the heating bills skyrocket, which just isn’t pleasant. Although making big investments might seem exactly the opposite of what you’re looking to do right now, installing double glazing will be guaranteed to cut extortionate costs for you in the long run. You should contact a reputable builder, such as Steve Gilbert, but you can also find some great, trustworthy ones using websites like Rated People.

I really love it when it snows, and with a big freeze predicted you never know we may get some this year.  We love to make snow angels – Emmy thinks they are so much fun, what ISN’T fun though is slipping on the flipping ice! (I’ve been there and done it a good few times and had the bruises to show for it). There isn’t a lot you can do about it when you’re out and about (aside from the old “walk don’t run convo!), but at home, you can bung some rock salt down on the ground, to avoid any nasty accidents. Decorative Aggregates sell a range, depending on your needs. If you really want, you can just stick to good old snow shovels. It really depends on where you live and whether you want to do the job yourself or send hubby out in the cold to do it – that’s what I do!

Of course, Autumn comes first, but it’s really just a slightly less cold version of Winter. Now, I don’t mean to sound like a Winter hater – I’m really not – so I’ll point out there are some awesome points about this season. For example, some of the BEST holidays are over this time (Halloween AND Christmas and Harry’s and my birthday!), and you can even look forward to the little things, like sitting round a fire sipping hot chocolate.
I’ve had to admit defeat for the past few evenings and have popped the heating on for an hour – I try to resist but illness took over and it was just way too cold!

Have you turned on your heating yet?

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