Don’t be left in the Dark this December!

Wow, it is December already! I seem to have blinked and missed this year sadly it is going way too fast.

As much as I love the winter and Christmas time, the thing I absolutely hate about them are the dark nights which start from around 4.30pm and the dark mornings – I find it really hard to get up and motivated in the morning when it is still dark.  Of course that’s not even getting into putting the lights on in the day to work as it’s so drab outside.

Now that the clocks have gone back, the cold wintery evenings have well and truly arrived. And while this means we tend to hide indoors, thieves thrive under the cover of darkness with November being dubbed as the busiest month of the year for burglars in Britain.

According to Police Crime Records for England and Wales, last November saw a recorded 36,752 break-ins – that’s equivalent to more than two every hour! The darker evenings provide an extra level of cover for burglars and make empty homes easier to spot. What’s more, with Christmas only a few weeks away it is present buying season, making these months much more rewarding for thieves.


As a result, security specialist Yale has put together its top tips for protecting your property this winter:

Out of sight, out of mind

Make sure you keep all valuables such as jewellery, small electronics and money out of plain sight. These can be stored away securely in a home safe that is bolted to the floor or wall.

Light up your living space

Consider investing in external security lighting to make it difficult for thieves to shy away from the spotlight.

Advances in technology now mean that it’s also just as easy to use internal lighting for home security purposes. Instead of leaving a light on when you’re out, connected lighting gives you remote control via a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to set timers in different rooms to make it seem like you’re home, even when you’re not.

Cause for Alarm

An alarm not only acts as an excellent visual deterrent, but it will also alert you to a break-in. Newer smart alarm devices can send real-time notifications, updates and images direct to your smartphone or tablet to give you added peace of mind that your property is protected.

The Great Outdoors

Traditionally a homeowner’s immediate concern when thinking about security is the valuables kept inside the home. As outbuildings are used less often during the winter months its easy to forget about them, however, sheds and garages are often filled with high value items that are easy to sell-on, such as garden tools, furniture and sporting equipment. Not to mention the items that can be used to aid a break-in like ladders.

Ensure your shed is secured with a heavy-duty, weatherproof padlock and protect individual, more expensive items inside with anchor locks and cables. To help keep an eye on your outbuildings at all times, consider purchasing a CCTV system with infrared night vision. You can also use these to record and store footage, which can prove invaluable as police evidence in the unfortunate case of a burglary.

Still not quite sure where to start when assessing your own home security? To help, Yale has put together a handy home security checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered in preparation for the winter months. Click here for a Dark Nights Check list by Yale

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