Womens Maternity Right’s

With all this baby talk in the news at the moment – you can’t escape it anywhere can you?

Bearing this in mind Quality Solicitors ran a survey on maternity and women’s rights and the results are a mixture of expected and shocking at the same time.

For example I expected the results that 42% of women are concerned about taking maternity leave – why wouldn’t they be?  Yes having a baby is an exciting time but it is financially daunting especially if you are on a low wage.  It was for this reason that I only took 14 weeks off when I had Emmy, she came to work with me at the age of 14 weeks with a mix of me looking after her and my mother in law.  This simply was because we could not afford for me to take much longer off of work.  Yes I would receive maternity pay however it was not enough to cover our bills etc, so while it was feasible to take her with me I did – and she loved it (an advantage of being a Nanny).

What I did find surprising was that 46% of women had their new contracts or jobs terminated when they had accepted a new job/role and not divulged their pregnancy.

Another thing I found surprising was that 5.6% of women didn’t tell their employers they were pregnant until after 6 months – I guess I find this hard to believe as I was huge by then with both of my children so could never have hidden it – I was one of the 26% who let their secret out before 3 months – actually I told my boss I was pregnant at around 5-6 weeks every time (twice before Emmy and then with my Emmy pregnancy), I found it helped to tell her as I was rather ill with the pregnancies and because I needed hospital treatment for my subsequent miscarriages and she was a great support.

One thing I actually didn’t know is that partners can take the rest of your maternity leave (paternity leave) if you return to work early!  This wouldn’t have worked in our household as Paul worked for his Dad in the family run business so didn’t actually get any paternity leave.

To find out more results from this survey please visit www.qualitysolicitors.com/maternity-rights/survey-results

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