Woodland walks and outdoor fun

Just because it is the School holidays doesn’t mean you need to spend money.  Infact as Mummy to a toddler School holidays mean nothing to us yet, except our clubs finish and the swimming pools and indoor play centres are crowded.

So for the last 2 days while the weather has been nice we have been outside nearly all day.  Yesterday along with Emmy, Daddy and Barney we all headed over to Lea Valley to wander around, we had a fantastic time.  Barney chased his ball and ducks (whoops), Emmy fed the swans, geese and ducks as we walked along the canal.

We spent ages looking at the boats, waving at aeroplanes, smelling flowers, running through long grass and generally having fun.  All this cost nothing, was just on our doorstep and maybe most importantly wore out both Emmy and Barney!!

Emmy’s favourite thing of the day was picking wild flowers for Mummy.

Today was a woodland dog walk with Emmy, Barney and Daddy.  Barney had his ball and Emmy as always found a stick, and as you can see a good time was had by all!

We collected leaves and sticks in the woods and using our crayons did leaf rubbing when we got home, Emmy needed help with this but found it fun.

One thought on “Woodland walks and outdoor fun

  1. Ah it's true – the best things in life are free ! Looks like great fun – and I bet a good nights sleep followed all that walking !

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