Woolly and Tig: Songs for wobbly moments

“I love Woolly and Woolly loves me, we’ve been together since we were wee”
“Arrrgggghhhh A Spider”
Emmy and Harry love Woolly and Tig.
A loveable blue cuddle spider soft toy who is the much loved toy of a little girl called Tig.  Woolly goes everywhere with Tig and they have fun adventures alone the way.
To accompany this much loved TV show a new CD will be released on 7th July featuring many of the songs from the show.
We have luckily received an advanced copy of that CD for the children to listen to and I have to say it’s been played on a loop now for around a week!
They know nearly all of the words and make their Woolly soft toy dance around the room with them.
There are 20 songs on this CD all of which have a life meaning to them:
  • Big Stomps – ‘How to turn anger into laughter’
  • If There Wasn’t a “No” – ‘A positive spin on the word no’
  • The Thunder Bang Song – ‘Making thunder fun’
  • Funky Dunky – ‘Making going to the Doctor or Dentist funky fun’
  • Bunches – ‘A pantomime song for joining in n singing at the hairdressers’
  • Rubba Dubba Rock – ‘A song to make washing hair something to look forward to’
  • I Like Monsters – ‘Keeping monsters in their place’
  • Counting Kisses – ‘A lullaby of soft and comfy thoughts for sleeping’
  • I Love Woolly – ‘Theme tune from the show’
  • Holidays – ‘Getting into the mood for holidays and travel’
  • Elves & Shoemaker – ‘Tells the story of the Elves and the Shoemaker’
  • Give a Smile – ‘Advice to a grumpy face’
  • Weenie Worries – ‘Telling and sharing your worries’
  • I Love Mummy – ‘Woolly’s song sung to someone you love’
  • Mairi’s Wedding – ‘A traditional song to skip too’
  • Cheeky Wee Echo – ‘Playinng with an Echo’
  • One More Step – ‘A song for walking especially when you feel tired’
  • Agree to Disagree – ‘Overcoming a total impasse in a disagreement or quarrel’
  • Auld Lang Syne – ‘An old song to sing with your chums for a new year’
  • Counting Kisses Woolly’s Solo – ‘Woolly sings his own version of the lullaby’
I really like how most have an underlying life lesson hidden within them – the children think they are just singing and dancing along to song while being taught too.  We’ve found the One More Step song especially helpful when Emmy is tired on the walk home from school.
Disclaimer: We received this CD and a Woolly cuddly toy for the purpose of this post.


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