From work to casual in a flash

I’ve never had an office based job, its not something which has ever appealed to me – I’ve much preferred to work at my own pace and set my own rules so to speak. I started out working in a Day Nursery and lasted around a year – the girls were all younger than me and I found the book keeping far too tedious especially when there were children who just wanted to play, filling out record books was just too boring and don’t get me started on the uniform!

Nannying was far more me, employed with a steady income but having the freedom to do what I wanted with the children and when I wanted (of course within reason), if we wanted a craft day we could have one, wanted to feed the ducks then we could, we baked and cooked together – the children loved it and it is far better to let them be involved as they can then see the whole process and it encourages them to eat more too. The harder part of this job was what to wear on a daily basis, it doesn’t sound hard but I needed to look presentable, yet to wear clothes I wasn’t fussed about being covered in paint or food. Not wanting to wear my weekend clothes which were for going out so needing a separate wardrobe of work wear.

Paul has a similar predicament within his job, he is an office manager¬†for his Dad’s Architect’s business. Their office is based within his Dad’s home but he needs to o out on site daily to meet clients, measure up the jobs and go into the councils too for meetings with the planners.

His daily job role calls for smart/casual attire but if he is going to be out on a job measuring up the outsides of buildings, climbing up onto roofs on down into basements he can’t be too smart and dressed up so it means that men’s suits aren’t always practical.

It seems that whether you are office based or not clothing at work will always be an issue for many of us – unless of course you have a uniform then this decision is taken from you.

Jacamo very kindly sent Paul two items of clothing recently to help him move from smart to casual and back again seamlessly during his working day and he is very pleased with them.

He tends to wear jeans for work, as even in meetings these can look smart but he teams them with a shirt and jacket. By adding the waistcoat he is able to add another level to his outfit, one which works with or without a jacket.

He can wear the waistcoat and jacket for meetings and initial site visits, then remove the jacket if he needs to measure up a job inside with no climbing around, or if up on the roof then this too can be removed to make moving around easier.  It also works well for after work as just wearing the waistcoat with a shirt unbuttoned a little gives a very casual look too.

A casual straight from work look – we met Paul after he finished work and all went out to dinner

Jackets also work well in the summer months to replace a coat.

Do you have a uniform for work or are you able to wear what you like? Do you find that difficult at all?

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