Working from home procrastination – The GIF edition

Working from home has its advantages and also many disadvantages, my day can be so varied and the distractions become too many to name.

I’ve previously written about 20 ways to procrastinate on a typical working day,  so I thought you may like to see in GIF form instead.

6.30 am wake up

Enjoy a peaceful coffee

7 am drag the kids out of bed

Get everyone dressed for the day

Rush the kids to school as they refused breakfast, lost shoes etc

Peace and quiet, breakfast undisturbed

Start working

Reply to emails

Multi-task with housework

Get distracted by social media

Pin blog posts and get distracted by DIY ideas

Prep dinner in a bid to save time, avoid work

Sort paperwork

Clear some of my to-do list

Catch up with friends

Work a little

Field off PPI calls

Take in parcels


Tidy the house

Make a cuppa

Raid the fridge

Realise the day is over and I have to pick up the children

How does your working day look?

20 thoughts on “Working from home procrastination – The GIF edition

  1. Haaaa this is totally my day, although Adam is a stay at home dad now so the cleaning and housework is *meant* to be his… but I will have a temper tantrum at least 3 times a week because it’s not done enough! H 🙂

  2. This was too cute. Even though sometimes, I love working from home. It is such a distraction. I tend to focus on things that are not work related, then on the flip side I get more done at home, because I am not distracted by the phone or employees stopping in my office.
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  3. Hahahahaha,
    “how’s your work day going?” replace kids with sending the cat outside and then realizing he’s been running around for five hours and that is me. 100% relating to every gif in this post!

  4. This was really cute. It is no small feat of willpower to stay on track while working from home. I am sure that some days are much less productive than others, but the beauty is that you get to choose!

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