Working holidays is it something you would consider?

Pre-Children Paul and I went to Australia for 3 weeks, we spent time traveling around, seeing the sights and staying with family.  It was an amazing holiday and one we would love to repeat with the Children.  At the time our best friend had been travelling the world and had stopped to spend a year working in Australia, well that was the plan only he stayed with friends, worked a little and forgot to keep travelling around OZ as planned, he became too settled and found it difficult to find work.  I guess it’s a misconception that many of us have – we think it will be easy to get a job in a bar or something while there but it doesn’t always work out that way.
On that same holiday I was actually offered a job as a Nanny by a family who we were on an excursion with, I had been playing with the Children and got chatting to their parents, this is something I would have loved but it just wasn’t possible at the time.  Things like this need a lot of planning and I had a Nanny job back home which I loved.
It is something I often think back on and wonder what would have happened if I had taken up that offer, but dwelling is never a good idea.  I do envy those who up sticks to travel and a working holiday seems a fantastic way to do this.  Our cousin Laura did just this and has not long returned, she went from the UK to work in OZ, twice, not happen on her return she reapplied for another visa and off she went again.
Our other cousin, the one we stayed with in OZ is thinking of doing this too in 2017 with her family (husband and 2 children), only she is planning on coming to the UK for a working holiday for a year.
Crazy you say?  Maybe, but what a culture difference for the children!  
By spending a year here they will be able to catch up and get to know family they have over here properly and not just on a fleeting holiday – I know my children would love that.  They have visited before and stayed in our spare room but trying to pack in trips, visits and excursions into a short holiday is very hard.
A working holiday would mean they would attend an English School during the week while their parents worked, then have School holidays and weekends to explore properly, and having family over here already would mean childcare shouldn’t be too much of a problem in the Summer holidays etc.
Of course a trip like this with Children needs careful planning which is why you would need to plan in advance, they have already been looking into options for a house exchange so someone here would live in their 5 bed in Queensland while they are looking at staying in a 2/3 bed over here, close to London and Schools.
You may think it’s strange wanting to leave sunny Australia to head to a country where is rains far too often however on one of their visits the kids experienced snow for the first time, the visited Buckingham Palace, Big Ben and many of the other fabulous attractions London has to offer – just imagine the stories and adventures they would have to tell their friends on their return?
A Snowy Day in Essex – Our cousins children playing in the snow when they stayed with us in Dec 2010
By taking a working holiday they wouldn’t need to save the silly amounts of money that a year off work and a year living in another country would entail usually – this would relieve the pressure and lets face it; it would be fun too.  There’s lots which needs organising first and you can find out  more about what those may be by Clicking Here.
I would love to know if you’ve every thought of a working holiday? Have you been on one? and what could you suggest are must see things to do while here in the UK?
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5 thoughts on “Working holidays is it something you would consider?

  1. I think that before I had children, this would have been a great idea and I did consider working in Greece for a while. But now, I don't think I would consider anything like this unless I had family in the place I wanted to visit. I think it is a great idea if you do have family to support you though.

  2. This is a great idea, I've been wanting to find a way to do this for a while now so this is perfect! I'm off to check out the link and the kind of planning i would need to do. x

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