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With World Book Day only days away and many schools joining in preparations have started here. got in touch asking if Emmy would like a dressing up outfit for World Book Day.  Her class is dressing up on Friday, typically a day which Emmy doesn’t do however that doesn’t mean she wouldn’t like to dress up – it’s her favourite thing to do after all!
Emmy’s favourite film and book is Alice in Wonderland,  she loves all of the characters. The weird and wonderful really appeals to her.
She wants a Cheshire cat at home and to play croquet with a Dodo bird.
She runs around the house shouting “off with your head” if you do something she doesn’t like or worse still tell her NO!
It probably goes without saying that when I showed Emmy all the costumes on website she immediately chose the Alice in Wonderland outfit.
The sizings are very clear and for her age she needed and extra small, I however asked for a small as she is growing so quickly currently I wanted to last the year out (she has outgrown all her dressing up outfits currently).
It arrived very quickly and while it is on the big side (which I knew and had planned) she loves it.
It comes as 2 pieces, a blue dress with collar detail and puffed sleeves and then with a white apron to go on top.

For a dressing up costume this is very well made and good value at £21.99
The small is aged 6-8 so will last us a very long time.
You can find a wide range of outfits available for world book day on the website here.

Are your children dressing up? What will they be dressed as?
Disclaimer: We received this dressing up outfit in exchange for this post.

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