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Our last competition has 2 prizes, so 2 lucky readers can win.  I’ve had to hide these from Emmy as she loves her WOW toys and doesn’t yet have these two.

WOW toys are fantastic as not only do they keep children aged 1.5 – 5 years amused and entertained, they are educational and require NO batteries – what is not to love!

Here are the prizes:

1st prize is – Ronnie Rocket

“My name’s Ronnie Rocket and I’m a super-sonic space rocket ready for outer space adventures! Pull my pull-cord on Ziggy the robot to trigger my countdown: 5…4…3…2…1… TAKE OFF!
Watch me vibrate as my numbers start to count down. My spaceman, Major Tom, revolves in his cockpit as the countdown is triggered, and then, BLAST OFF! My secret push button flips the cockpit open to reveal Major Tom in his high tech control panel”

2nd prize is – Danny’s Diving Adventure

“Get ready to dive in and make a splash with me, Danny’s Diving Adventure! Flip open the top of my boat to reveal a fantastic working diving board which Mandy and Chris, my diver friends, love to dive off into the bath. They have so much fun lining up and diving off at bath time!
I also scoop up and pour all of the water out of my mouth to add to the bath time fun! Daphne the dolphin likes to come along with us on our diving adventures and she can’t resist giving Mandy and Chis dolphin rides on her back”

For your chance to win one of these 2 prizes please fill in the Rafflecopter form below, this competition will end at Midnight on 28th July.  Good Luck

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94 thoughts on “WOW Toys Giveaway

  1. Cully's fav toy is anything she can build with or create something out of, puzzles, mega blocks, wooden blocks, pillows off the sofa!! She has a great imagination and loves Imaginative play.

  2. My sons favourite you would be this little toy bus that i got from the car boot for like 20p 🙂

  3. At the moment we are into our books as opposed to toys :/ Sadie loves the Library and we have been there every day of the holidays so far !! x

  4. At the moment my two oldest love their twistable crayons 🙂 My youngest just had her 1st birthday and she loves her Rock n Roll Elmo 🙂

  5. My daughter loves her little plain jane teddy bear and a popped orange ball with spikes. They are both so pitiful looking but she loves them both!

  6. My daughter loves her scooter, shes only just learned how to use it, its one where you can change from 4 wheels to 3/2. She is super fast.. vrooooom (Not bad for a 2 year old)

  7. My sons fave toy is a n Alien that he calls "Chase". Chase is a boy from his nursery, who believe it or not, looks nothing like an alien!

  8. A scruffy teddy bear he was given when he was born. He always let the bear join in when he plays with any toys

  9. Blue bear…which is the cuddly toy that his big bro gave him on the day he was born. He is a much loved bear that goes everywhere with us. A true member of the family, we even had to make him his own passport when we went on holiday . X

  10. My eldest son loves his toy dinosaurs, my middle son loves tractors and my daughters fav toy is anything she can pull out of the toy box 🙂

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