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The lovely people over at WOW Toys sent Emmy 2 fantastic toys from their range to test out/play with and review.  Well when we managed to get them back from Daddy that was!

We were sent the Misty ‘n’ Molly set and Jess ‘n’ Jake’s Playground set.

The Misty ‘n’ Molly set is a stable with a rotating pony feeder trough, ride on pony (Misty) and a jockey called Molly.  These toys are for ages 1 1/2 – 5 years and are great for little hands.  Emmy loves putting Molly on the pony and taking her for a ride, she then puts the pony to bed in the stable telling us all to ‘Shhh’.

The Jess ‘n’ Jake’s Playground set comprises of a rocking see-saw, spinning round-about, slide which works by pushing the button to flip the figure down the slide and also  a two figures (Jess and Jake).  Emmy loves this as it is easy for her to put the figures into the see-saw and round-about – something she finds a little tricky with some other makes of toys.

We already had a Best Buddies Caveman and Green Dinosaur set which have also been on the slide, see-saw and on the round-about and the Dinosaur has even been taken for a ride on the pony!  (See pic. Dinosaur riding on the pony going down the slide)

WOW Toys have great developmental Benefits for children including:

  • Sensory Stimulation & Motor Skill Development
  • Discovery & Learning
  • Social Interaction
  • Role-Play & Exploration

Emmy really loves these toys and we are looking to add to her collection already and have our eye on the Pippa’s Princess Carriage and Ronnie Rocket.  We know that Emmy will love these, however her Daddy and I will love them as much as her. I really like the way the figures are interchangable between sets and the other huge benefit of these fantastic toys is they need No batteries!!

To see the full range of WOW Toys visit their website

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