WOW Toys review – Pippa’s Princess Carriage

We have made no secret of the fact we LOVE Wow Toys –  What is not to love after all?  They are great for all ages from 1.5 years – 5 years although I do know children younger and older who enjoy them too, they have an educational value to the toys, all do something and best of all they DO NOT need batteries!!

Princess Pippa’s Carriage is a take on Cinderella’s carriage, it comes with a cute Pumpkin Carriage with a removable Horse Snowdrop, Princess Pippa and her Fairy Godmother.  The carriage itself opens up to reveal a dressing room for Princess Pippa and you can watch her twirling around in her magical revolving mirror showing off her dress from all angles, there is also a dance floor so Princess Pippa and her Fairy Godmother can practise their best moves ready for the ball.

Emmy has just started adding a new element of fun to her toys and has started to make them chat to each other, this is really cute to watch.  Only this morning she was making Pippa tell the horse to “drive slow, I going to party” and “Slow down horsey I doing my make-up for party” – she takes after me that’s for sure (what have I created?).

As the you push this toy along it makes a ‘clip-clop’ horse noise which Emmy loves and she starts singing “Horsey, Horsey don’t stop, let feet go clip-clop” (She is only 2 after all so doesn’t quite get all the words right but it’s enough to make me well-up every time she sings as it’s so cute.

A great thing about these toys is they can all be put together and interchange, we like to put all our sets together and mix them up.

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