WWE Raw Live at the O2 – a guest review 

WWE Raw review

I love just how varied my job is, one day I can be working with a supermarket brand mixing up cocktails (another of those to come shortly so watch this space) and sharing recipes with you, another testing the latest toys on the block or attending movie previews and red carpet premieres.

It’s not always glitz and glamour though, there’s the mundane tasks of fixing broken links, wading through emails where someone is always offering the ‘best written content my readers will LOVE and wait for the best part…..they’ll give it to me for FREE!  Then there is the explaining just why this offer isn’t making me jump up and down from the rafters and of course the hardest part of promoting my blog posts so they are read by the intended audience.

Sometimes I get invited to things which sound absolutely amazing but aren’t age appropriate for my children, so I pass these over to family and friends to enjoy instead, on the basis that they share with you all that adventure or experience.

Recently I was invited to attend WWE Monday Night Raw at the O2, this isn’t something Emmy and Harry are into however I’ve 2 wrestling mad Nephews who I knew would LOVE this experience, so they went with their parents in my place. I’ll now pass you over to Ruth who will tell you all about their VIP WWE Monday Night Raw evening.


So, it’s Monday morning and our youngest two refuse to get out of bed  and get ready for school. Bribery time! Show them a email from their favourite Auntie Clare….. children scream!!!!

WWE at the O2 !!!!!!!

Without a fuss they are both up dressed and ready for school.
They have a whole day teasing their friends about the exciting evening ahead. As a teaching assistant in the same primary school they attend I have the pleasure of seeing them during the day, they both are super excited and I hear on the grapevine both have said to friends they can take a friend tonight ***friends eyes light up***  they then say, I’m taking my brother!!

As the excitement grows,  the children sit patiently in the car with me driving, travelling through the worst tunnel in London, the Blackwall. The light at the end is a flood of cheers as the children see the dome of the iconic O2.

Parking in the car park, easy, as we had previously booked. A short stroll through and we are there!!! W.W.E heaven!!! My boys eyes shine and they grin like Cheshire cats!!!

Greeted in the VIP lounge by multimillionaire WWE boss Stephanie McMahon. Chief Brand Officer @WWE, TV villain, philanthropist, public speaker, fitness enthusiast & Mum of 3 daughters…..  she talked about how far the professional WWE had come and looked to the children to continue the trend. WWE Raw, also known as Monday Night Raw or simply Raw, is a professional wrestling television program that currently airs live on Monday evenings at 8 pm EST on the USA Network in the United States. Let’s just say my boys won’t be giving up the WWE for anyone…. they are well and truly hooked!!

Max, being our human waste disposal unit, was very impressed with the canapés. Chicken, steak, quiche to name a few and treated to as many drinks as we wanted throughout the time spent in the pre show VIP lounge. The children were treated like royalty whilst in there! The children met some WWE superstars and the big boss Stephanie very kindly had pictures with the children and signed their hats…. Jamie actually diving in for a cheeky cuddle with the superstar! He definitely is not shy!

We entered the spectacular arena to a smash of lightning and a roar of thunder. Our seats were wonderfully positioned so we could see everything, from the live broadcasters talking into the cameras to the stage being as clear as crystal! I’m sure my boys would have preferred to sit next to the stage but for their first live WWE these seats were perfect! The opening acts amazing and boys thought it couldn’t get any better, but then they were overjoyed by what happened over the next couple of hours!!!

Their idols including Sheamus and Cesaro….. in the arena fighting, arguing, Smackdown live, U.K Champions, Tag teams, Grudge matches, Chair smashing; the atmosphere electric!!!! The red brand’s heels sunk their teeth into their rivals after the bell several times over. Joe, Nia Jax, The Miz, TJP, Sheamus and Cesaro all walked that same path.
According to my boys WWE Cesaro and Sheamus emerged as the stars, looking more focused and nasty than they have in the past. They are true fans obviously!!!!

Me, well I was hooked completely…… what woman wouldn’t be with those hot men … spray tanned, huge muscles…..oolalaa!!!

The women were amazeballs too. Strong, elegant of a fashion, stylish and with their sexy bodies, meant my hubby was very interested in those action packed competitive battles!

The main event saw Bray Wyatt benefit from The Miz’s interference to defeat Dean Ambrose in a match that captivated the audience! We thought it all to be brilliant and my boys were sad to leave the arena when it all finished.

A really fun evening with lots is exciting events capturing my boys hunger for more WWE.  Looking forward to our next adventure with the WWE and the trials and tribulations that come with.
Thank you for a wonderful evening

xxx Ruth xxx


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