Xmas is coming: Time to get shopping!

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tiny toddlers are teething for a tinsel-themed treat, and with the
festive season just around the corner, you can give them exactly what
they want.
reached the time of year when it’s almost become acceptable to post
comments like “Only X amount of sleeps till Christmas!!!” on
Facebook without being unfriended en masse. Now that the Autumn
leaves are falling from the trees, you have our permission to say
“They start Christmas earlier every
with impunity.
although you might have to sneak around the kids’ continued belief
in Santa while shopping, getting your Xmas pressies sorted out
early is ideal for a number of reasons.
one, you’ll beat the typical Christmas rush through the shops. Have
you ever been in that certain store beginning with A (you know the one where you grab a catalogue and fill in the item number on a slip if what you want to buy) during the festive season? It’s a mass of
scrabbling hands and irritated shoppers. It resembles the sinking of
the Titanic more than a major chain retailer and as for Lakeside, Bluewater and London I definitely try to avoid those by the second week in December.
two, your kids won’t be thinking of the festive season quite yet,
so you’ll be able to find the perfect hiding place for their gifts
before they start hunting, infact I have been having a clean, clear and declutter for just this reason – I now have a few hiding spots at the ready and have tucked away a few gifts already!
for three, you’ll be able to shop online without having to worry
about postage delays.
only downside to Christmas shopping at this time of year is figuring
out what your kids want.

that in mind, we’ve peered into our crystal balls to recommend some
of the toddler toys at Christmas that’ll make your little ones
eyes light up. Take a look.

Force is awakening
no questioning what the toys of the year are going to be – Star
Wars, Star Wars and a little more Star Wars.
the latest in the long-running movie franchise, Star Wars: The Force
Awakens, due for release in December, kids of all ages will enjoy a
renewed interest
in the adventures of Han, Leia and Luke.
(who now own the rights to the franchise) have invested millions of
dollars marketing the latest in the Star Wars line of toys,
videogames, t-shirts and robot droids.
as the space opera continues in a galaxy far, far away, head down to
your local retailer to fulfil your kids’ sci-fi fantasies.
lovers everywhere!
the open-world game favoured by kids, is still selling like hotcakes.
And its continued success has proved how much kids of all ages love
matter how old your little ones are, they’ll love being creative
with LEGO bricks or their equivalents.  
LEGO products are themed (pirates, the latest movie characters) but
truthfully a basic batch of bricks will be used more than anything
else, letting your child’s imagination run wild. It’s a foolproof
gift for a successful Christmas morning.  

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