Your toy story – The Rubik’s Cube

Some toys will never fade away, toys from my childhood and from before.
There are toys which Paul and I played which when we were young which when we look around the house are now coming back into use with our children.
The Rubik’s Cube being one of them, most houses will have had one at some point – hands up, did you? 

I don’t remember who brought mine, I just remember it being there.
It was always a great pleasure to see just how much you could mix it up on the first play, turning and twisting the sides as much as you could.

I remember the first few hours of concentration trying so hard to twist and turn it back into the correct positions.

Then the torment begins – just why did you have to mix it up so much in the first place.

The determination
The frustration
The anger
The tantrums
The arguments
This one small toy could provoke SO many emotions it was amazing, I would like to say it was hours of fun but I would actually be lying, it provided hours of anger and torment.
Do you remember having 3 or 4 sides completed, 3 or 4 sides with all matching colours?
Then one false move and you were back to square one again, of course you would be, the thing is IMPOSSIBLE!!
OK that’s clearly a lie but for me it was always impossible.
There are those who spend weeks of their lives trying to figure out this tiny cube.

There are whole maths puzzles devoted to it.

So many YouTube tutorials on how to do it – I’ve not tried watching then but have had friends follow all of the guided instructions on how to do so – I’m afraid to say they never have.

I’ve never managed it.
It’s my mission impossible
Or it was until Emmy got hold of it
This is what happened
I laughed so hard
I will never buy another – I HATE it!

This is a toy from my childhood I would dearly love to hide away forever – this is my room 101 item that’s for sure!  John Lewis Insurance has recently launched a campaign to celebrate a love of toys which they have aptly called ‘Your toy story’.  Each week a they will be featuring a retro toy from the past and emphasising how much amusement and memories those toys can provoke.  This weeks featured toy is the Rubik Cube.

You can head over to the John Lewis Insurance microsite to find out more facts about the Rubik’s Cube – for example – did you know that over 350 million have been sold across the globe?

It’s a lovely change to see sites featuring toys which do not need batteries and move the children away from the TV’s. Classics which will be around for many many years to come.

OK, confession time – who also used to pull off the stickers?  I have!

  “This is a sponsored post which has been written in association with John Lewis Insurance.”



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