Zante as a family holiday destination?

We have been back from our holiday only a few weeks however my Facebook timeline is full of holiday plans and it’s making me want to plan ahead and when I say ahead I mean real forward planning – I’m talking next Summer – I’m one of those planners!
We actually won’t be going abroad this year as I think the children are a little too young and they also don’t have their passports yet, however it doesn’t stop me day dreaming and wishing I was somewhere hot, with a nice beach, clear blue skies and splashing around in crystal clear waters.
Window shopping is what I do best so I’ve been looking at destinations which are a little different from Butlins (our holiday destination of choice for the past 2 years) – the kids love it however if I were to take them abroad I would like something Paul and I could enjoy too.  I’ve been browsing First Choice holidays website and their holiday packages to Zante look appealing.
Zante, also often known as Zakynthos, is the most southerly of the Ionian Islands and one of the most popular Greek islands. 

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Unsure if this would be a wise choice with the children in tow I did what I do best – I turned to social media for the answer.  I asked friends if they had been and what they would recommend doing.
Claire who blogs over at Life, Ninja Killer Cat has been with her family and has suggested a tour of the Island in a jeep is a great family activity and a lovely way to see the Island in full (I guess it is great for saving tired legs too – Emmy and Harry would complain if too much walking were involved and I wouldn’t want to carry them everywhere).  She also suggested that Shipwreck bay is a must.

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A lovely relaxing day out on a boat spotting turtles was Colette’s (We’re going on an Adventure) recommendation, followed by swimming in the sea and a spot of sunbathing.  She says it was her favourite holiday destination, restful and relaxing.  That sounds perfect to me, although it may not be as relaxing with children involved; Emmy and Harry would love a boat trip and they both adore  swimming and building sand castles.
The more I hear the more I want to go and the more pictures I see the more I start to daydream.

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Emma (The Mini Me’s and Me ) says the Water Village at Sarakinado and Waterpark at Tsilivi are great for families as well as couples and if you do leave the kids at home then both Emma and Sarah (Sarah Cathryn: Mummy’s Beauty ) suggest Laganas is the best place to head for a dance and a drink or seven!  Laganas being the party centre of Zante.  Sarah even goes as far as to suggest ‘Zeros’ as the best club with foam parties and theme nights and talks expertly of an all night McDonalds too (I think Sarah enjoyed her holiday loads as it was before her beautiful daughter came along.  That reminds me of my first ever holiday abroad with the girls when I was 18, only we went to Spain)
There are a huge amount of party venues and themed events in Zante, so if you do go (or even if I secured a babysitter for a long weekend – *Looks over at Auntie Ruth here*) – we wouldn’t be short of entertainment, although I maybe a little too old for a paint or foam party now!
Have you ever been to Zante?  What would be on your recommendations list?
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  1. Went 3 times as a teenager (now 46yrs…) so imagine it has changed immensely – I always stayed in Argassi I think it was called… also been to Lefkas – resort Nidri which was lovely – overlooking the Onassis island… love Greece…

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