Zoflora – Finally my house doesn’t smell of Dog!

I will admit to not always having the tidiest of houses, I do try to hoover every other day and mop the floors every few days, however with a Dog, Toddler and a Paul keeping the house clean and tidy is a constant battle – one I often end up loosing.

I only hoovered my hallway about an hour ago but already I see dog hairs, food crumbs and muddy foot prints – I am shaking my head in dispair, and the floor was only mopped yesterday but look at it now:

However since recieving 2 bottles of Zoflora to try out mopping the floor isn’t a big deal any more as it actually smells lovely, leaving my whole house with a pleasant fragrance all day!! Ok, I admit anything  probably smells better than the smell of dog, cigarettes (Paul smokes) and smelly feet; but I am not a fan of the smell of cleaning products, I choose NOT to use bleach as I really can not stand the smell – infact it actually makes me feel ill!  So finding a cleaning product which I actually like the smell of has really surprised me – who knows maybe now I will clean every day? Who am I kidding.

Zoflora is a 3 in 1 Concentrated Disinfectant which kills 99.9% of Bacteria and Viruses, Elimintes odours and has an all day freshness.  Also available are Antibacterial sprays, Bin Fresh Gels and Professional Disinfectants.

I was sent the Concentrated Disinfectants to try in 2 of the new fragrances available Cherry Blossom and Linen Fresh. I must stress than a little does go a long way – I was very surprised by just how little was actually needed!  1 capful (10ml) to 400ml of water.

I am really impressed as Zoflora cn be used in so many different places it has almost removed my need for any other cleaning products.  You can use Zoflora on: Floors, Baths, Tiles, Taps, Worksurfaces, Drains, Sinks, Dishcloths, Toilets, Potties and Hard surface Pet areas.

As Emmy helped to make the mess she wanted to help clean up.

It’s ok, she didn’t actually clean the whole floor however given the chance she would have done!

I have also put the Linen Fresh Disinfectant onto a kitchen towel and cleaned my radiators with it – so when my heating comes on in the evening my house is given an extra boost of freshness.

Visit http://www.zoflora.co.uk/ to see their full range.  You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter

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