5 places to visit while holidaying in Gran Canaria with kids

Holiday’s in the sun with children are great fun but of course a far cry from the relaxing beach holidays we may have had pre-children sipping cocktails and sun bathing by the pool.

There is so much more to consider when booking a sunny break when you have kids:

  • You’ll need a family room in the hotel which can often mean all sharing one room
  • You’ll be checking out how child friendly the pool is
  • Are there kids clubs
  • Closely checking the flight times so you aren’t flying in the middle of the night

That said holidays should be fun for both parents and children. I am currently searching around for a perfect location for our family holiday for next year. Paul and I will both be 40 and have decided it’s about time we took the kids abroad for the first time.

I’ve been looking at Holiday Gems Gran Canaria and while searching for those holidays have complied a list of kid friendly things to do while where.

1.  Angry Birds Activity Park – Puerto Rico

I know my kids would absolutely love this, with 25 different activities including with slides, rides, climbing walls, mini golf, a 10-D cinema, Laser Maze and games, arcades and much more this is somewhere the kids will want to spend all day exploring and having fun.

Open Monday – Friday 10am-6m and 10am-8pm at the weekends. Adults pay entry fees too but once inside you can get your hand stamped and come and go freely all day long.

2. Palmitos Park – Maspalomas

This is a zoo and botanical park all rolled into one. Somewhere kids will be thrilled with the different types of wildlife which can be found here.

Find birds of prey, parrots and at Primates Island you can laugh at the antics of the Gibbons and the Orangutans as they swing through the trees. Also noted to be the best dolphinarium on Canarias. As these are my favourite animal it is somewhere I know we would all love.

Photo credit: Trip advisor

3. Ride a Camel – Maspalomas Dunes

This would be great fun for all the family. Paul and I rode camel in Egypt during our honeymoon and I know the children have been asking when they could have a go.

You can enjoy a thirty minute ride across the dunes of Maspalomas. Some tours include a longer journey, some food and a visit to a camel park where you may get to see some baby camels. Even very small children and babies can travel with their parents if you feel confident enough that they will sit still.

Mummy Travels has a blog post on her experience doing this with her children – do go and have a read.

4. Sioux City – Playa Del Aguila

Cowboys and Cowgirls make sure to dig out your Stetsons for a fun filled day acting out cowboys and Indians at this theme park with a difference.

Built in 1972 as the set for the 20th Century Fox film “Take a Hard Ride”, starring Lee van Cleef and Katherine Spark, at a cost of two million dollars, Sioux City is whole Wild West town sitting in Cañon del Aguila, San Agustín. It was built to last; The Church is bigger than some Gran Canaria village churches and the saloon wouldn’t be out of place in Dodge City.

Set out like a real town that is designed in the style of the old Western movies  with it’s authentic saloons and church and of course no Western town would be complete without the local county jail.

Say “howdie” to the resident cowboy Doc Holliday but be careful you don’t get caught up in a bank hold up. Activities include horse riding and various performance shows.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the day playing Cowboys and Indians? pretending to have a shoot out, lassoing the bad guys and live shows to boot.

5. Holiday World – Maspalomas

This is one of the most popular theme parks in Gran Canaria. Holiday World is just a short walk from Faro 2 Shopping centre.

Some of the attractions that the kids will enjoy include Aquatic Familiar Track which is where they can drive their own boat or smaller children will love waving to everyone from the little train. For the more adventurous they can enjoy a thrilling ride on the roller coaster. Of course there are many more attractions here to keep all the family entertained. It is open year round so it doesn’t matter if you are on holiday in the winter or summer the park is open Monday to Friday evenings. So it is a great place to enjoy a fun evening.


Have you ever been to Gran Canaria? What are your top places to visit with children?

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