20 ways to procrastinate instead of working

20 ways to procrastinate instead of working

Procrastinator: One who will do anything, including spending an entire day browsing blogs about procrastination, to get out of doing the necessary tasks of the day. Ok, so this may not be the official definition of a procrastinator, but it’s close enough. Procrastination, I’ll admit, is something I seem to fight with every day. WithRead more

Playing with purpose to develop language and communication skills in toddlers

Being the parent of a toddler can be one of the most rewarding and simultaneously challenging responsibilities in the world. Your dependant precious baby has suddenly grown-up into a determined little explorer. But then, with the amazing infant stage emanates the feared ‘terrible twos’. A developmental period of irrational behaviour and desperate tantrums. The rootRead more

How to create a Batman/Skyline feature wall

As you will have seen over the past few months I have been decorating Harry’s new bedroom. It actually didn’t take that long at all and was completed in a few days but I’ve been spreading these posts out a little and adding a few final touches when I work out what it is thatRead more

5 everyday items you can customise in cool ways

Unless you’ve abandoned all reason to narcissistic tendencies, it’s unlikely that a home littered with poster-sized selfie prints sounds attractive. But it’s still possible to customise a few select products in a way that’s a bit kitsch, yet not too cheesy. So here are five everyday items you can customise in cool ways. T-shirts MostRead more

How Emotional Intelligence Will Help You Get The Best Service All The Time

EQ, aka emotional intelligence or emotional quotient, is a buzzword these days for many aspects of our lives. Emotional intelligence is measured by an individual’s ability to empathise with others and to reflect on one’s own emotions in a measured way. Someone with a high EQ is adept at perceiving and responding adequately to others’Read more