Professional Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Home During The Winter

Everyone has heard of Spring Cleaning but keeping your home clean and fresh is truly a year-round job. A huge amount of dirt, moisture and grime slips into your home during the winter months, so it’s a great time to do some deep cleaning. Snowy boots can drag in sediment and leave puddles on yourRead more

Sustainable Tomorrow: Earthquake-Resistant Homes and Structures

Among the natural disasters that we are familiar with, earthquakes are perhaps the most difficult to prepare for. They strike by surprise, and the casualties and structural damage that we see are mostly because many are just caught off-guard by this calamity. There are places like Japan that experience earthquakes more frequently because of theirRead more

Reduce Your Electricity Bills with LED Lighting

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to reduce your electricity bill, swapping your old bulbs for LEDs is well worth doing. On average, around 10% of your electric bill relates to running the lighting in your home. So, anything you can do to reduce the amount of electricity used to powerRead more

Creative DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Have to Try

A child’s bedroom is an important part of his or her development. As a parent, it’s always important to make sure the bedroom is tidied up so your kids can have a good night’s sleep. Indeed, having a bedroom that’s free from clutter lets your child grow healthy. But aside from decluttering the bedroom, youRead more

Keeping Your Family Home Safe from These Invisible Dangers

Radon is radioactive gas that is carcinogenic and dangerous to humans if inhaled in large quantities. Although it can’t be seen, smelled, or tasted, one in five homes has elevated levels. Exposure to radon causes lung cancer and is second only to smoking as a cause. As many as 20,000 Americans die of radon-related lungRead more

Storage Solutions for Your Children’s Rooms & Toys

Being a parent is great – but children have an unparalleled ability to generate mess. It isn’t long before you find yourself spending most of your time tidying up as they weave a path of destruction through your house. But keeping your living areas toy-free needn’t be hard. It can even be fun when youRead more

How to Create a Practical, Family-Friendly Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, which means when you’ve got little ones you need to make sure it’s as family-friendly as possible, while still being a practical space for you to cook in. Every family is different, meaning you’ll have your own unique needs and wants. That’s why, when you’re designing yourRead more

How to choose the right flooring for your little one’s room

Your little one’s bedroom is their haven – it’s where they learn, play and dream. Which is why it’s important to create a space in which they can thrive. Whatever the size room you may have, it’s easy to create the perfect space for both rest and play. However great rooms aren’t always about theRead more