How to Look After Outdoor Furniture in the Winter

Come winter, the chill wind howls, the rain beats at the door and we wake to overnight frosts that leave us shivering. Spare a thought for your garden furniture which up until recently, you lounged on enjoy summer days and autumn evenings. Sloane & Son Garden Benches show how to care for garden furniture soRead more

Getting your home winter ready

It’s almost November now and the shops have been filled with Christmas cards for what feels like ever. Friends on Facebook have already begun the Christmas countdown, with some even asking if it’s too early to put their trees up yet – YES it is too early! Although there are the annual complaints that ChristmasRead more

Dreaming of a peaceful haven

I’ve mentioned before that we purchased our house from Paul’s parents, their house sale fell through and as a bridge, Paul took on the mortgage for our house with the notion to selling it straight away….well considering I am living here you’ve guessed that didn’t happen!  We didn’t manage to sell it and then gotRead more

House makeover plans – changes I’d like to make to our forever home

Rainbow staircase

When Paul and I moved into our house around 15 years ago now we never in a million years thought we would fill it. With 4 bedrooms and at the time being only 2 of us it seemed ridiculously huge but it made sense to buy it – well it was actually an accident we did.  Paul’s parentsRead more

Professional Deep Cleaning Tips For Your Home During The Winter

Everyone has heard of Spring Cleaning but keeping your home clean and fresh is truly a year-round job. A huge amount of dirt, moisture and grime slips into your home during the winter months, so it’s a great time to do some deep cleaning. Snowy boots can drag in sediment and leave puddles on yourRead more

Sustainable Tomorrow: Earthquake-Resistant Homes and Structures

Among the natural disasters that we are familiar with, earthquakes are perhaps the most difficult to prepare for. They strike by surprise, and the casualties and structural damage that we see are mostly because many are just caught off-guard by this calamity. There are places like Japan that experience earthquakes more frequently because of theirRead more

Reduce Your Electricity Bills with LED Lighting

If you are looking for a fast and effective way to reduce your electricity bill, swapping your old bulbs for LEDs is well worth doing. On average, around 10% of your electric bill relates to running the lighting in your home. So, anything you can do to reduce the amount of electricity used to powerRead more

Creative DIY Bedroom Decoration Ideas You Have to Try

A child’s bedroom is an important part of his or her development. As a parent, it’s always important to make sure the bedroom is tidied up so your kids can have a good night’s sleep. Indeed, having a bedroom that’s free from clutter lets your child grow healthy. But aside from decluttering the bedroom, youRead more