Back to School Shopping at Queensgate Centre, Harlow

Back to school shopping at the Queensgate Centre, Harlow

**Posted in collaboration with Queensgate Centre** How quickly are the Summer holidays passing us by? We are over 4 weeks in with back to school fast approaching us and I am in mixed minds as to whether this is a good or a bad thing? I’ve loved having the kids home from school, no earlyRead more

Use actual handwriting to create a truly sentimental piece – Win a unique Silver Locket

Handwriting is just like fingerprints, it is unique to an individual so no two people will have exactly the same writing style. We spend hours and hours helping our children learn to form their letters correctly, ensuring they hold their pencils properly and repeat their exercises over and over again. It is written down in their schoolRead more

Am I that Mum I’ve never wanted to be?

  I’m supposed to be sleeping, I’ve so much to do. My to-do-list is endless and there’s a sea of washing piling from the basket. It’s the summer holidays you see and I’ve two kids at home and work still to do. I’ve booked up no childcare, I don’t actually really have any anyway yetRead more

10 top tips for parents of fussy eaters + Giveaway

We all hope that our children will happily eat whatever we give them at meals times, however this dream is often far from a reality for many of us parents – myself included. Both of mine did eat everything I gave to them as babies, one was fed with homemade purees and jars when IRead more