Smart Sketcher Projector Review

Smart Sketcher Projector Review

One of Emmy’s passions is drawing, she is forever doodling away and has pads and pads of sketches, she has even started watching How to Draw YouTube videos – which is, of course, a welcomed change from the vlogging families she had been obsessed with.  Recently she was sent a Smart Sketcher Projector to tryRead more

Kekilou Surprise – New collectible dolls with hidden make-up surprises + Giveaway

Kekilou Surprise is the newest line of collectables from Flair – now my kids love anything collectable at the moment, the more to the collection the better in their eyes. I knew Emmy would love these as not only do they contain a surprise doll but each has a hidden make-up item too. Emmy wasRead more

Help the hacker is after me…..and other YouTube rubbish!

YouTube rubbish our kids watch

Screen time, love it or hate it our kids will be begging for more constantly and whether you limit it or not really doesn’t matter they will be wanting more than we would like. Our children have no concept of children’s TV of being on at certain times of the day. Before school and afterRead more

Eufy RoboVac 11: Review & Giveaway

Eufy RoboVac 11 review

By now many of you will have become part of the #HinchArmy over on Instagram – House cleaning accounts have hit amazing following levels and grown in popularity recently. Of course, these aren’t a new trend, they’ve been going for years – when I was pregnant with Emmy 5 minute cleans were all the rageRead more

SuperZings Series 2 – Rivals of Kaboom Review

Blind bags….they are almost like a drug to young kids, usually found by the tills in a supermarket or corner shop and as appealing as the chocolate, possibly provoking as many meltdowns as chocolates only these ones are actually rather sweet and at pocket money prices picking up one or two every now and thenRead more

Back to School Settling In – or NOT Settling In

The first few days of a new school year are always hard for the kids, they’ve had 7 weeks away from the school structure and routine. Time doing what they want and when, to an extent, later bedtimes, no homework and of course they haven’t seen most of their friends over that time. If thatRead more

Quick and Easy no Spend Roald Dahl Costumes

Quick and Easy no Spend Roald Dahl Costumes

You know your children are officially back to school when in the first week back you are handed a letter with another occasion for a dressing up day. The lists are endless of these dressing up days and with us parents having only just purchased a huge list of clothing, shoes and stationery for theRead more