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Waving hello from us all.


Hi, I’m Clare (Emmy’s Mummy). I live in Essex with my husband Paul, Emmy (born February 2010) and Harry (born October 2012).

About Me:

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I am a fully qualified Nanny and have looked after children as a Nanny for over 14 years.  This was my dream job, one I gave my all to and never hated going into for even a day.  Over the course of 14 years I cared for the children of 3 families full time seeing those children grow from babies to young adults.

This was a job I loved so much that I returned to when Emmy was just 3 months old, she came to work with me which worked perfectly as she had built-in playmates.

I left my very last family when Emmy was around a year old and co-owed a Nanny/Babysitting agency with my former boss.

After having Harry I didn’t return, owning that type of business didn’t fit in with 2 young children.  I am still my own boss however and am now self-employed as a Blogger, Social Media Consultant and Freelance Writer.


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Paul works locally with his Dad and they own their own Architect company Building Design Consultants

He loves reading and history, always with his head in a book, the latest gadget in his hand and spouting facts at me in our quiet time in the evenings (I must admit that I do switch off as I’m not really into history)

Paul has a medical condition called Fibromyalgia, he was diagnosed in January 2011, he manages the condition well but there are days it is much harder and tougher than others.



Emmy (aged 8) is fun bubbly, bright and FULL of energy.  She loves everything and is always happy, laughing and joking.

Once she enjoyed being as loud as possible but now she is rather shy and quiet, but is the kindest and most caring child you could ever meet.

She can most often be found in her own little corner drawing and making up stories, she loves singing and drama and always has a story made up in her head to tell.

Her best friend apart from Mummy (and Daddy) is her little Brother and while they do fight as all siblings do, they really do get on brilliantly and she is a wonderful big sister.

One of Emmy’s favourite all time things to do at the moment is arts and crafts, as soon as she wakes up she will ask to paint, stick, draw or play with her Play Doh – the messier the better as far as she is concerned.

She is in Year 3 in school and while she’s not very keen on the hard work she loves play-times and is keen to please her teachers. She is currently working really hard at gaining her pen licence this year.



Harry ( aged 5) is far too like his Sister.  He learnt to climb at an early age, runs everywhere and is into EVERYTHING.

You really need eyes in the back of your head with him.

His all time favourite thing is LEGO, Pokémon and Paw Patrol.

He loves anything he isn’t allowed and kicks up a complete fuss when he can’t have it.

Very independent from a very young age – he certainly keeps us on our toes.  He is now in Reception and if you ask him he’ll say he hates school – he does however love it, has lots of friends and is kind and considerate making sure they always have someone to play with. His teacher says he is happy to play with everyone.

He is learning to ride his bike without stabilisers as he wants to be like his big sister and is a whizz on his scooter.

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Barney was our almost 15 year old Border Collie, he came to live with us a week before Christmas when he was 6 months old. Sadly we lost him only recently this year.

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