8 reasons why the UK is a great place for a holiday

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When we think of holidays in the UK, we often think of kiss-me-quick cheesy holidays, with fish and chips and deckchairs on the beach, and there is something wonderfully quaint about that. But, if that is all you think holidays on this super little island are about, you are entirely wrong. From world-class cities to secluded sandy coves, lush green countryside with rolling hills to meandering canals, the UK is the perfect place to go on a family holiday. Here, we look at some of the reasons why you should choose a staycation instead of a vacation next summer.

The all-weather attractions

Ok, so it does rain quite a lot in the UK. One of the most British pastimes is to complain about the weather, and we are never quite happy with what we have got. However, we can get some superb spells of lovely weather in the summer months, particularly if you can hang on until September when we are quite often treated to an ‘Indian summer.’ However, when it does rain, there are plenty of all-weather attractions. For example, go to North Wales, and you can head underground into caverns full of trampolines and zip wires. Head to Cornwall and the world-famous Eden Project. It is also important to remember that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing choices, so grab your waterproofs and your wellies, your bucket and spade, and head down to the beach!

The beautiful beaches

Oh, the beaches. There is nothing quite so wonderful as a British beach. Whether you’re looking for bustling or secluded, pebbled, or soft golden sand, there is a beach somewhere perfect for you and your family. Britain is home to thousands of beaches (well, it is an island, after all!) some of them ranked as some of the best in the world. On a warm, sunny day, you could easily think you were abroad, and when the weather isn’t so great, dramatic skies make for fabulous photo opportunities for the ‘gram!

The countryside

If beaches aren’t your (British) cup of tea, you have plenty of lush green countryside to visit instead. From the vast flat landscape of the south to the rolling hills and mountains in the north, the UK has some of the best countrysides in the world. There are thousands and thousands of acres of dense woodlands, crying out to be explored, and lots of areas are carefully protected by National Park status.

The culture

Britain is an incredibly multi-cultural nation, with people coming from all over the world to visit. Majestic mosques stand side to side with medieval churches, welcoming people from all faiths and cultures. We have some of the most incredible art galleries and museums – with interactive displays to encourage children to develop a love of learning. All over the country, you will find intimidating castles and forts and grand stately homes, all beautifully preserved so visitors can have a sense of British life in years long gone. Quite simply, if you want to immerse yourself in culture, the UK is the place to be.

The food

Fish and chips and a good old roast dinner are what comes to mind when you think about traditional British food, but there is so much more to choose from. Wherever you go, you will find restaurants and takeaways selling delicious authentic Asian dishes, Turkish kebab houses, sushi bars – you name it, you can pretty much find it here in the UK so even for the fussiest of eaters, there’s always somewhere to go to eat.

The pubs

No holiday in the UK is complete without a visit to the pub. Whether you are looking to go for a grown-up gin and tonic in sophisticated surroundings, or a burger and a pint while the kids play in the soft play area, the pub is a quintessential part of British life!

The transport system

Again, the transport system in the UK is something that we Brits love to moan about at any given opportunity, but the truth is that in other than the most rural and remote areas, the public transport system in the UK is world-class standard. There are very few places that you can’t get to by train or bus. You can easily go on holiday somewhere in the UK and not need a car to do so.

The people

The best thing about Britain? The people, of course!


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