A Little ME Time

Since becoming a Mummy more than 4 year’s go, Me time has become none existent. You know what it’s like, with all the best intentions looking after yourself becomes second to your child’s, third to housework, forth to shopping…. well you get the general idea I hope.
I used to straighten my hair daily, now your lucky if it even see’s a brush most days.  Sad but very true.
I used to wear make-up on a daily basis.  I had a whole case full of the stuff.  Now I have the bare essentials which can be thrown on in 2 minutes straight just before leaving the house.
Clothes were always planned well in advance, thought out and wow it’s hard to remember BUT…….were co-ordinated, nowadays it’s whatever is clean (less than a few days old with no visible staining) and I to hand at the time.
This has to change – it needs to.
I need to be me again.
I’ve just come back from a weekend away, by myself – I know *gasp*  and it was lovely.  I spent some time in the bar with friends however I then headed back to my room for some much needed relaxation time.
There was NO laptop – it’s a rare occurrence these days, I had my phone so I could call the kids/hubby to check up BUT mainly I had time to think. 
Mummy's night away essentials, Mummy Must have's, ME time, Gin in a Tin
My ME Time essentials!
I managed a lovely HOT bubble bath with NO toys in it, and I stayed in until the water started to cool – there was no “Mummy I need a wee/drink/cuddle/teddy – insert whatever excuse they can think of to disturb me”. 
I had a face mask which I was able to actually use, to leave on for the allocated time and I had control of the TV, trashy mags and Gin in a Tin.
That is what I call living the dream – YES it is a dream far removed from days gone by but it’s a dream of many Mums I’m sure!
Me time……..Do you remember it at all and what would you do if you could reclaim some?



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8 thoughts on “A Little ME Time

  1. This has inspired a post which i may end up writing tomorrow, if i get any me time 😉 glad you had some time away.
    mind you once a week my parents take both my girls so i cant grumble really 😀

  2. There are now three whole mornings a week when I have the house to myself but always end up running around getting jobs done or a bit of work while it's quiet and I really should use that time to relax sometimes. Glad you made some time, you deserve it. I would either take a hot bath or sleep!

  3. Sounds like heaven! I don't think you realise how much you have to give up when you have children and being able to have a little bit of time to yourself is so important but lacking for most Mums I think!

  4. I'd love to just have a trip into town and enjoy a nice hot chocolate in a coffee shop without little people asking for everything or running around/fighting. Or to go to the cinema or out for a meal without them just once. It's so easy to loose your identity once you become a parent

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