A visit to St Thomas’ Dental Hospital: Fast tracking Harry’s appointment

St Thomas' Dental Hospital

Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you for all your messages, tweets and emails after I wrote about Harry’s teeth extraction referral and the problems we were having in moving this urgent appointment forward from April 2017.

It has been so reassuring reading all your messages on Instagram about your personal experiences with tooth damage in small children and hearing that your children haven’t had issues when their adult teeth came through – this was a huge worry of mine.

We weren’t happy to leave his April appointment for both teeth to be removed in the sedation clinic our dentist referred us to, it is too far away and he is still in pain. With one really large abscess already and the warning that more would occur until the teeth were removed it was our priority to get this sorted as soon as possible.

This week we had a telephone consultation with a lovely private dentist, done via Harry’s Grandad – it was his dentist. He was told exactly what had happened and sent pictures and under his advice we went the next morning to St Thomas’ Dental Hospital in London.

A slight miscommunication saw us heading to Guy’s Hospital in London however we soon discovered that they hadn’t seen children for dental emergencies for a few years and this service had been moved over to the other hospital St Thomas’ – Both hospitals are connected only on different sites. We had to get the staff shuttle bus which took us to over to St Thomas’ which was a 15 minute drive away.

Thankfully, Harry was seen almost immediately and we explained why we were attending to the dental equivalent of a triage nurse. After filling out his forms there was only a brief wait before he was called in to see the dentist for a consultation.  They were amazing with Harry, putting him at ease from the off, making jokes with him and generally being lovely.

He was then sent back to the waiting room to be called for a x-ray.  The waiting room was filled with children’s toys in one area and had children’s DVD’s playing the main part –  at NO time did Harry complain or get bored while here. This area of the hospital is for children’s dental appointments and the staff are all amazing with the children, clearly loving their jobs and their patients.

Unsure of the x-rays not having had these before, he was a little miffed Mummy couldn’t hold his hand but was standing behind a line in the corner of the room, however he did really well and mainly stayed still only moving his head to follow the lady walking across the room when she moved – luckily the button was pressed quick enough and these didn’t need retaking.

He barely had time to sit in the waiting room again before he was called back in to see the dentist, looking at the x-rays confirmed what we already knew and she suspected – his front teeth needed removing and quickly as the abscess was clearly visible and the teeth pushed backwards due to the force of his accident.

I’ve now signed all the consent forms for him to have these removed under general anaesthetic at Guy’s hospital and while he currently needs the top front two removed, there is a chance once removed that the two adjacent teeth may have to be removed but they can’t tell for sure until the first two are taken out. If needed the other two will be taken out at the same time.

While Harry will be gappy after this procedure for a few years, he needs it.  The teeth are badly damaged and the abscesses will reoccur if not removed.

Thankfully, we now don’t need to wait until April 2017 for this procedure but should have the appointment in around 6-8 weeks time, sooner is there is a cancellation.



9 thoughts on “A visit to St Thomas’ Dental Hospital: Fast tracking Harry’s appointment

  1. Well done you for getting it all hurried along, it sounds like things have taken a much more positive turn for the better. I’m massively sympathetic to dental issues after a particularly tricky wisdom teeth extraction that I had this summer, but I feel SO much better for having had it done and it will be great peace of mind for you to know that after a short recovery, Harry will have far fewer tooth issues to deal with.
    Jayne – Mum’s the Word recently posted…Waiting for Operations (or: Tonsillitis Sucks)My Profile

  2. How can they even think of making little ones wait so long? I’m glad you got it bought forward. My sister had to have hers taken out when she was little, I think she enjoyed it and pretended to be a vampire bat for quite some time! Brave Harry!

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