Ascot outfits which can be re-worn

I must admit to never have attended Ascot however I would love to go to Ladies Day.
When I was a nanny I would babysit or be working while the Mum and her friends attended and I loved all of the hype of getting dressed up to the nines, sipping champagne (OK not essentially a getting ready past time for all however on a special occasion like this then why not!).  To me the getting ready for an event like this is usually more exciting for me than the event itself – I mean as a Mum I spend zero time getting ready these days.
Showers I take either with the door wide open, one child screaming orders at me, the door being pushed open and a car/train/shoe/dolls/remote control (all of those) being shoved through the door or with one or both children in the shower with me.
I dream of a nice long soak in the bath, candles, wine, music – peace and quiet.  It’s been a while so the idea of having me time to get ready would be amazing (unheard of but amazing).
I am one of these people who hate to spend a fortune on an outfit which will be worn only once though so if I did attend Royal Ascot this year I would be looking for an outfit which could be re-worn for different occasions.
Some I like are these:
Red dress – John Lewis
Peach floral dress – House Of Fraser
Cream Maxi – Asos
Bag – Ted Baker
Shoes – Dune
The dresses are all ones which are wearable again – to parties and weddings and can be dressed up or down, and the shoes and bag would definitely go with any outfit.
Have you ever been to ladies day? Is it as much fun as it looks?




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