Daytime Value Meals at Brewers Fayre

The great thing about my children being young still is that they eat their tea early, now as adults we are happy to wait later for ours but younger children can’t do that (well not without snacks and then they often can’t eat dinner so it’s a vicious circle).
Brewers Fayre and their Daytime value meals are the perfect option for us, and of course by eating earlier it means the bill is cheaper too if you stick to the special menu. 
We chose to visit our local The Royal Forest in Chingford after picking the children up from school, I let them ride their bikes home and awaited Paul finishing work a little early, this meant the kids were hungry and ready for their meals.
The daytime menu includes: 2 main meals for £10, Monday – Friday, 12-6.30pm including 12 tasty traditional pub classics, from Fish & Chips, to Gammon Steak and Sausage and Mash, perfect for an everyday treat. Plus you can order 2 starters or 2 desserts for just £2.50!  The kids menu is 2 course for £4.49 or 3 course for £4.99
We had a table booked and were seated very quickly and our drinks order taken – the kids opted for Yazoo milkshakes which come with their meals and Paul and I opted for the refillable coke option.
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For starters Paul opted for Tomato Soup and I had the spicy potato dippers which come with sour cream and a tangy tomato Piri Piri sauce.  The kids went with Garlic Bread and Corn on the cob.  The portion size were spot on – although I couldn’t eat all of mine as there were just a few too many for me and I knew I wouldn’t manage my main if I ate them all.  Paul’s and mine were on the value menu so cost just £2.50 for both.
Daytime value meals, Review, Brewers Fayre, Mian course
For our mains the kids each opted for their favourites, Hotdog for Harry and Macaroni for Emmy – we actually did what we always do with their meals and shared them so they had half each – they struggle to decide which they want  so we get them to choose something different and to share, this works well and they generally eat more this way.
I went with the Scampi and Chips which is also on the value range, Paul deviated from this menu and went for a Steak.
Again portion sizes were very good and the service was great too.  We all cleared our plates and really enjoyed.
Desserts, Brewers Fayre
Always a favourite for the kids – desserts were huge and delicious!  With Chocolate Fudge cake for Paul, Banana split for me and Chocolate Sundaes for the kids everyone left very full and happy.
Of course though, the only way to eat dessert is like this:
We found the food to be good, the service was fabulous and we all very much enjoyed our meal out and by you stick with the value offers and soft drinks and kids menu you can all have a 3 course meal which won’t break the bank.

Disclaimer:  We were supplied with a £50 voucher to cover the cost of our meal.

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