Easter illness

We are now into our second week of the Easter holidays and our second week of illness.

Emmy has had a really bad cold which turned into a bad cough right at the beginning of the holidays and it is still really effecting her at night time.  I am still reassuring her and comforting her at least twice a night.

She also had a very bad d&v bug at the beginning of last week – it was so bad we went through 9 changes of clothes in one day, she cuddled me all day long yet still desperately tried to crack a smile.  She even slept for just over 3 hours on the sofa, woke for an hour then went to bed – waking loads and wanting only Mummy.

Harry also has had the same cough for the same amount of time and now it appears to have gone to his chest.  When he was 7 weeks old he has Bronchialitis so I am treating him as if he has that again until I can get him to the doctors tomorrow.

Both have now broken out in spots and Emmy has had a rash over her cheeks.

We have barely left the house all Easter and just when I thought we were over the illnesses they have both deteriorated.

Tomorrow will be spent calling the doctors to get appointment’s for them both, desperately trying to get them both treated and better.

Emmy has barely eaten since becoming poorly, she can be a bad eater at the best of times but now will only have a yogurt or two all day long.  I know she is still ill as she is even refusing chocolate and ice-cream, unfortunately this means she is all skin and bones.

The timing is less than perfect of course as I am leaving them both for the first time to go on a Hen weekend Friday – Sunday.  I have left Emmy over night with Daddy when I was in hospital having Harry but I’ve never been away from her for longer and I’ve never left Harry for longer than a few hours with his Godmother, my best friend.  I’m sure they will be fine, I of course will be having a wonderful time and have fantastic plans (I can’t talk about them in case the Hen is reading but will let you know after I come home) but I will miss them SO much and I am not looking forward to the tears when I leave on Friday morning.

I am having to take my breast pump with me, I had planned to have given up breast feeding by now but Harry has had other ideas and I can’t go an hour past feeding time without leaking so will need to express – that should be fun, not!

What I am really looking forward to is an undisturbed sleep and a lie in, I will be making the most of this weekend and I will be having a drink and will probably be drunk after 3 drinks, it’s been a very long time since I had a drink.

I hope your Easter was better than mine.

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