Keeping dry with Helly Hansen

It is a horrid fact but Winter is here now, the clocks have gone back and it’s dark when I wake up and when the kids go to bed (the upside to winter as you can persuade kids it’s now really late and they should be in bed….I can’t be the only one to do that I know). 
School runs are often damp and full of puddles – great for the kids usually but not so much for me who would like them to stay dry while walking to school and not to have to change them before heading into their classes as it really isn’t nice to sit in wet clothes all day long.
The children ride their bikes and scooters to school, this means they aren’t lagging behind as they usually do when walking but does mean they get rather warm with uniforms, jumpers and coats on and I also do as I carry all the bags and lunchboxes and walk fast or run after them when Harry speeds ahead too far to listen to my ‘STOP’ instructions.
We found that our Winter coats were too warm and the kids would want to take them off on the way – not great if it’s raining or for me as I would have to carry those too.
A little while ago Helly Hansen sent the children and I raincoats for the showery weather and these have become our go to always wear coats, they are thin raincoats however on the walk to school we all get so warm that Winter thick coats just aren’t needed yet, and as they have jumpers on under they are warm enough to just wear the raincoats.  We do live in England after all so it would be very silly to leave the house in November without a coat at all, and while it is wet and rainy it really isn’t freezing hats and gloves weather just yet.
Recently we have had a few mini breaks (3 in the last 9 weeks), if you follow us on social media you would have seen pictures – we managed our last camping trip of the year and had a lovely time exploring the beach, finding crabs, flying kites and roasting marshmallows.  We have also spent a weekend in Bournemouth celebrating Harry’s 3rd birthday where we also spent a lot of time on the beach, visited the Sealife centre and went to LEGOLAND too (we managed to fit a lot into that weekend) and only last weekend we were in Cornwall staying with Paul’s Aunt and visiting old friends.
Helly Hansen, Raincoat, K Shelter Jacket, Review
We have had amazing weather for each of these breaks and when travelling with children it is rather essential to keep the packing to a minimum as we have limited space in the car boot.  Each time we have taken our raincoats and they have been perfect – lightweight and waterproof, deep pockets for shells, stones and all the other things the kids seem to collect and large enough to add a jumper under if needed and small enough to roll up and keep in my backpack when they weren’t needed.
Helly Hansen, K Loke packable jacket, review, Helly Hansen kids raincoat
 Harry was sent the K Shelter Jacket, this is a waterproof and breathable jacket which has a detachable hood and zipped pockets.  It has adjustable cuffs so you can tighten to stop rain coming in through the sleeves and is lined with a thin quick drying lining.  It is two tone blue with reflective elements meaning he can be seen at night and in low lighting which of course is always a worry for parents.
It isn’t at all tight so movement isn’t restricted – there is nothing I hate more than clothing stopping a child from climbing around and moving as they want to freely.
I really love the colours on this jacket as they are bright making it easy to spot Harry in a crowd.
Emmy’s coat is a K LOKE Packable Jacket, this is also a fully water and windproof jacket which features a front storm flap to keep out the wind and rain.  It is unlined so therefore thinner than Harry’s and this makes it easier and smaller to pack away into a bag and also lightweight. It has elasticated cuffs and reflective elements as well as a detachable hood.  With two front pockets (unzipped) and an elasticated bottom, this is very comfy to wear over a jumper or a hoodie.  It is a lovely coat to pack into a school bag or to wear over warmer clothes when out and about.
Emmy’s coat is a lovely bright pink, her favourite colour and although not mine it does make it very easy to spot her in the playground as it is very bright.
Both children’s coats have hanging loops making them easy to hang up in school and they have space inside to write their names on.
Helly Hansen, W Lyness coat, Helly Hansen raincoat for women, review
 Mine is a W LYNESS Coat, a long style raincoat which is waterproof, windproof and breathable.  It has a zipper and popper close and a belt too.  With 2 very deep pockets which fasten with a popper for added security as well as adjustable cuffs.
This is such a comfortable coat to wear, and being lightweight it doesn’t make you too hot. Like Harry’s this is lined with a quick drying lining and also features a vented back to avoid over heating.
The pockets in this coat are HUGE – I am able to keep my keys, phone, gloves and snacks for the kids in them and have also managed to add Harry’s reins too for when we go out without a buggy and he is in one of ‘those moods’.
The hood can be tightened on this by tightening the drawstrings on either side which is very handy in heavy rainfall and because of the longer length I am kept dry (well except for when the rain is so heavy it drips off the coat and runs down my legs).
I absolutely love the navy and white striped colour-way of this coat and it has attracted so many comments and compliments.
All of these raincoats can be washed in the washing machine using luke warm water with no fabric softener.
We all really love these coats, they are comfortable and easy to move around in, they are also rather roomy so even though the correct size for the kids they should last until next year.  All of these coats also come in a variety of colour and size options.

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5 thoughts on “Keeping dry with Helly Hansen

  1. What a great post. Some fabulous photos of you all outdoors too. I love spending time outdoors in this weather and having dogs is the only thing that keeps me sane because it does mean that I get outside every day whatever the weather. And wow, Helly Hansen! This is by some distance my favourite outdoor brand. I bought a Helly Hansen ski jacket and I think it was around 2003 when I bought it. I still have it and it is still in perfect condition. I've worn it all winter every winter. I'm pretty sure they are indestructible. I hope you enjoy your raincoats, you will be wearing them for many years to come!x

  2. We were fortunate enough to get some Hellys earlier in the year and they are amazing. I love the style you went for and they really are such great coats for kids! I think I went for a very similar one for my daughter that yours is wearing 🙂

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