The Little Book of Holiday Fun

With the great British family holiday making a comeback Halos and Horns aim to inspire all round family fun with the New ‘Little Book of Holiday Fun’. 

In a recent Halos N Horns fun survery 75% of mums said they prefer to spend their their time on holiday playing with the kids, whilst 60% plan their fun activities before they head off.

This useful book provides fresh and fun ideas to help keep children entertained while reminding parents of their own childhood.  The focus of this lovely free book is good old fashioned fun – no TV’s, no DVD’s or computers, no spending lots of money – just pure simple fun games, activities and tips which mums and dads have shared with Halos N Horns to help while away the hours with lots of laughs and giggles.

Inside this book are different sections with fun play time ideas for different aspects of the holiday including Bath Time fun, Creative Fun, Surviving the Car Journey, Beach Activities, Swimming and Splashing, The Perfect Family Picnic, Back to Nature and Rainy Days.

You can download or request a FREE copy of this lovely book at As an added bonus to help make bath time good clean fun, there’s a 50p off Halos N Horns coupon inside – you can use it for Halos N Horns gorgeous fruity-smelling Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash, Mango Melon Shampoo & Conditioner and Berry Burst Shampoo and Detangler.

Here are a few of my favourite ideas from the book which I will be trying out when we next have a family holiday or even a free day that needs filling with some fun:

  • Fishing Fun – Put a plastic bowl in the bath and let it float around.  Add a few toys and give your little one a plastic sieve to fish the toys out of the water and into the bowl.
  • Pepple Writing – Write your names in the sand with pebbles or shells.
  • Seaweed Wigs – Collect seaweed from along the beach and use it as a wig, for mum, dad or one of the kids, or if that’s a bit yuckky just decorate your sand sculpture!

There are lots of other fun ideas but I will let you find those out for yourselves.

Wherever you are and whatever you’ve done your mucky little monsters will probably need a bath to round off the day.  Kids will love the fruity-smells and bright colours of Halos N Horns shampoos and body washes. Parents love them too because many of the ingredients that might irritate your little ones’ skin have been removed, (such as SLS and parabens) making them really kind and gentle for delicate skin.

Watch this space for our review of Halos N Horns Zingy Orange Hair & Body Wash and Berry Burst Shampoo & Detangler.

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