Now you are 8 baby girl

Dearest Emmy

Where on earth has the last year gone? It seems only 5 minutes ago I was penning your 7th birthday letter on these pages, yet here we are a whole year later and you’ve just opened all your birthday presents for another year.

You are now 8 years old! And boy does the last year seem to have flown by.

There have been SO many changes since your last birthday, the one which stands out most being the transition from Infant School to Junior School. You’ve gone from being the eldest in the playground/year group to the youngest in a matter of days.

The change for you way a strange one, combined with the loss of one of your best friends who moved to a different school, you’ve had to find new friends at break and lunch times BUT as you are a social soul you’ve not found this a problem choosing to play with the older children you know well to fill the void.

You really don’t seem lost for friends at all, not only playing with those in your year group but those older than you too.

At parents evening your teacher sung your praises stating you were a loved and valued member of the class, although mentioning you did have to improve your concentration a bit.

You are so sweet and loving to your younger brother most of the time, of course you have your moments when you hate him and wish he weren’t here.

You try your hardest in class, are cautious to always complete your homework and hate to be in-trouble.

Emmy, you are my miracle, my rainbow baby.

Fierce and fiersty, wild and free.

My amazing and beautiful angel

I love you to the moon and back

You are such sensitive girl currently wearing your heart on your sleeve all the time, it could be a hormone thing too as you seem to be bouncing from happy one minute to the devil screaming the house down the next….and as for your temper, that’s best left unspoken isn’t it.

You certainly aren’t my baby any more and will soon be taller than me, already wearing age 9-10 clothes and wanting to watch young teen programmes, well actually teen programmes but I’ve put my foot down on those as many on Netflix really aren’t suitable.

Here’s to our next year of adventures, starting with a trip to the West End on Saturday to see Matilda.

Happy Birthday Beautiful girl

All my love


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