Pain free blissful sleep FINALLY – FUÜM mattress review

I had been complaining to Paul for quite sometime that we really needed a new mattress for our bedroom, it’s one of those things which you know need replacing after a time but it is often put off due to the costs. It is suggested that they are changed every 5 – 7 years (it was around 8-10 years), well ours is around 15 years old now and certainly  passed its better days. It was a sprung orthopaedic mattress which we purchased when we moved into this house, it’s seen me through two pregnancies where I was enormous so had a lot of stress has been put on it – my waters also broke while in bed during my pregnancy with Emmy (there was a protector and towels down so don’t worry).

The springs had given in places and I was waking up in pain every day due to it being uncomfortable and me having to get up so many times a night with the children.

With perfect timing FUÜM got in touch and very kindly sent us one of their mattresses to try out. I had been longing for a memory foam mattress so of course couldn’t wait to ditch the old one and move in the new.

Their memory foam mattresses offer the promise of the best nights sleep of your life. These mattresses adapt to you using adaptable, breathable, body sensitive foam.

When this arrived I was very surprised at the size of it – a King sized mattress arrived in this box.

Of course it was all vacuum packed and very heavy. I managed to get it upstairs myself by pushing from the bottom and sliding it up the stairs – I really would advise against this as it really is heavy.

Once out of the box and cut free from its packaging it began to take its shape. It took a couple of hours to fully take shape, unfold and fill with air.




FUÜM mattresses are make up of 4 layers.

The bottom layer is a ultra-resilient foam base layer, this is a high density foam which contours to your body while you sleep, relieving pressure points when you move around in your sleep.

It then has an airflow breathable layer which helps to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter months.

Next is a luxury memory foam which is responsive in contouring to your body shape while offering comfort and support while you sleep.

This is then finished off with a microquilted intelligent fibre cover, the top has 3D cross structure layers to keep you cool and comfortable – this can be unzipped and washed as required.

Since this arrived I keep finding myself sneaking upstairs to lay down, any excuse to go upstairs and I am there – putting away the washing I now sit on the bed to fold it all, reading a book is done in bed as apposed to in the bath or on the sofa and I actually want to go to bed to sleep.

I am waking up pain free each morning and getting to sleep is far quicker as I am no longer tossing and turning trying for ages to find a comfortable position.

It feels like getting into a lovely hotel bed, one where you don’t want to get out of again – you know the ones where you are tempted to book for an extra night because you’ve slept so well. I now don’t have to book into that hotel as that is now my own bed.

This is the deepest mattress I have ever seen and it is honestly so comfy – so refreshing not to have springs digging into my back all night long and now even when I am awoke by the children in the night I know I am able to get back to sleep again when I do return to bed – of course it does mean the children also want to climb in with me as they also find it so comfortable.

Because of the memory foam this mattress isn’t very bouncy which is a great thing for me as the children are banned from bouncing on it but when they have snuck in they’ve not continued as they would have on my last mattress. I actually can’t feel the layers when laying down, the whole mattress moulds to me and I have actually been able to sleep comfortably on my front again – something I’ve not been able to do since I was first pregnant.

FUÜM offer a 100 day money back guarantee – sleep on it for up to 100 days and if you don’t like it then you can arrange for them to collect it and you will receive your money back. Each mattress also comes with a 10 year guarantee and if you order before 1pm Monday to Friday you can receive your mattress the next day – there is also FREE delivery across the UK.

This is such a comfortable mattress that it actually provoked me into changing our bedframe once it had arrived, that too was in need of replacing as the kids had jumped on it and broken the metal frame. With a lovely new bed in place I will now soon be decorating my bedroom which is very over due as we have never actually gotten around to it in all the years we have lived here.

If you are in the market for a new mattress then please to check out the website and you can get £150 off by entering the code FUUM150 at checkout.

Disclaimer: We received this mattress in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are our own and unbiased


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