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Last week I watched Instagram and Facebook following the birthday trip of a good friend, she had been whisked away for her 30th Birthday by her hubby.  This was something I would have loved to have done for mine only then I was VERY heavily pregnant with Emmy.
This year I will be 35 and I would love to jet away for a long weekend child free to celebrate.  Now with my birthday being only 4 days before Christmas the likelihood of this being a reality are slim however thanks to a new site called I have been able to get a clear idea of prices.
This site is currently a BETA site however the tools available are very clever, you can search for your flights by date and it will include a list of available flight options such as airline, time and ranges of costs.  Surprisingly I could actually get a flight to Venice on 19th Dec and return on 22nd for £64 – OK it would be more if I wanted to take the hubby alone, but maybe me time would be nice?


The site allows you to search various options until you find which suits you – I tried searching Barcelona for the same dates, as you can see that would be far too expensive for me so that was instantly ruled out.
Other options will be added to the site over time, such as hotel but what I really like is that is sorts through the prices for you and shows you expected temperatures for that time of year for your chosen location.
I can see this site being rather usual for planning an up and coming girls holiday which is in the pipe line, my bestie is 40 in 2 years and we are hoping to go away – just the girls for a much needed escape – this would allow up to all group together, add in our free dates – with a large group finding a date to suit all is a little tricky but this would help to lower the costs for us and help us to save and plan – of course this would need doing on a girlie night in accompanied with a bottle or two to get us into the holiday mood.
So my question is – if you could visit anywhere for a girlie holiday for 1 week where would you go? 
Why not head over to and plan my girlie holiday for me?  Somewhere sunny please with NO kids!
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