Saltdough handprint Robin – Christmas decorations

It’s now exactly 1 month until Christmas so our home-made gifts and crafts have started.  For the next few weeks we will have a production line going in our kitchen.

This week we re-visited our salt dough hand casting from last year and using the same salt dough recipe we rolled out the dough and imprinted Emmy’s hand. I then cut around her hand shape using a knife, added a hole to hang the decoration from and cooked in the oven for around 1.5 hours on 110 degrees.

After leaving to dry out and cool over night I then painted it.

  • Firstly I painted the palm/body red
  • Next, paint the fingers brown
  • When dried – paint the eye black
  • Add feet detailing
  • Lastly add a yellow beak

Leave to completely dry out then out line the detailing with a black marker.  These can be varnished is you want to.

Ribbon can then be added to the hole and you can hang onto the Christmas tree or around the house.

When I make some more I will more the hole to between the thumb and index finger to help balance it out.

Don’t forget to write your child’s name and the year or their age onto the back for a permanent reminder.

Tots100 Experience Days Competition

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6 thoughts on “Saltdough handprint Robin – Christmas decorations

  1. I've seen a few of these today (yours is the first Robin I've seen) – they really are brilliant! I've never made salt dough before but definitely going to give it a go now! 🙂 xx

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