Weather won’t stop play – Beach fun!

We do love a good day out.  This holidays we had been planning to meet up with Paul’s cousin and her children, they live in Canvey and Emmy loves to see them as it means a trip to the beach.
We decided to meet at Southend and get there before lunch, taking a picnic with us.
Of course our plans were changed a few times but we finally got there last week, albeit delayed as we had a flat tyre to sort out first – typical timing!
The sun was shining when we arrived but as we were on the seafront it was breezy – jumpers for the kids were needed.
We headed into the adventure playground where Emmy was very keen to look at the rides and to go on.  We managed to get lunch in first then detoured off to the beach.
It was rather blowy on the beach and the tide was out.  Emmy and Harry set off to explore and to play.  It wasn’t long before they spotted the paddling pool.  We had packed beach shoes, swimwear and towels so after a quick change off they went.
It was cold by kids really don’t care! 

I love how kids just don’t care – they see the fun in everything and have an amazing time while doing it.
They ran around loads over the sand, trying to catch the sea and each other and had us running around like crazy things too.  A perfect family day.
They were wrapped in blankets and towels after they had finished and we headed to the arcades to warm up and then treated the kids to a few rides at Adventure Island – I bought them 4 tickets each meaning 4 rides, Harry fell asleep after his 3rd so Emmy managed to sneak his extra ticket – shhhh don’t tell him!


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10 thoughts on “Weather won’t stop play – Beach fun!

  1. I love the beach – guaranteed fun for everyone, regardless of the weather. Don't you just love the way children don't seem to feel the cold and just see the fun factor in everything! Our children spend many a day playing in the river – even when the sun isn't out. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

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