3 in 1 Thermal Baby Bottle – Review

When we were planning our weekend away I booked a room at the Premier Inn as it was cheap, local to the wedding were were attending and perfect for our needs.

Not long after when planning the packing I began to worry about how to feed Harry in the middle of the night as he still wakes for a bottle and I had almost given up breast feeding by then.  It was then I came across the Pacific Baby Bottle by Pourty.

The Pacific Baby Bottle is a 3 in 1 Thermal Baby bottle, it can keep liquid warm or cold for up to 10 hours and easily converts from a baby bottle to a sippy cup and then a drinks bottle with a straw.

We were kindly sent one to try out with Harry along with the added accessories to turn it into a sippy cup and a drinks bottle for Emmy if she wants to use them or for Harry to grow into.

These bottles come in 2 sizes 4oz and 7oz.  We have the 7oz as Harry drinks 4 7oz bottles a day.

When it arrived I tested it by adding boiling water to it and was pleasantly surprised when I completely forgot about it and remembered about 6 hours later – it was still really hot – not quite boiling anymore but way too hot to use to make Harry’s bottles.  After lots more checks it was about 11 hours later that it was at a temperature I could use for Harry’s bottles, safe enough and cool enough for him to drink.

I wanted to use this bottle when away as being in 1 room meant we had a kettle in the room but no microwave and all sleeping in the same room I didn’t want to wake Emmy or Daddy up by turning on the light to make a bottle.

What I learnt was the easiest thing to do was to pour the boiling water into Harry’s normal bottles and when it had cooled to a temperature almost cool enough to drink then transfer into the Pacific Bottle and screw the teat on.  This was then fine to leave waiting for Harry to wake and with his formula in a dispenser I can just tip in, shake and it’s ready to drink whenever her wakes in the night.

I now use this method for all of Harry’s night feeds at home – I take his Pacific bottle upstairs with the the water already inside – just a little hotter than he would normally have – this is then kept warm, loosing only a little heat – making it perfect to drink.  I have his formula pre-measured in a dispenser in his room too so when he wakes I am able to quickly make up a bottle with no fuss or effort, feed him and be back in my bed generally in about 5 minutes.

This is perfect for night feeds and for taking out in the changing bag as I now don’t have to worry about finding somewhere to warm his bottle.

thermos baby bottlem 3 in 1 baby bottle, pourty

Emmy isn’t as keen on the straw spout – she finds it hard to suck from and is being a diva wanting the baby teat – however I will not let her as I threw her bottles away when she was 1 so those accessories are awaiting Harry to use.

This is not the cheapest bottle at £19.95 however this is no ordinary bottle and I am about to buy a second as I love it that much and use it every single day.

You can find the Pacific Baby Bottle from the pourty online shop or from searching Pourty on Amazon.

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