34 week Pregnancy update

Today has been a day full of appointments and with that brings the constant waiting around.

This morning was my 34 week doctors appointment, running half an hour late by the time I waddled into reception.

All fine, mentioned my constant back pain and was examined and she thinks as I do that baby is sitting on a nerve, she wouldn’t give me any painkillers but did give me more Spatone for my iron levels and some Gaviscon for heartburn. My blood pressure was low but nothing of great concern.

She then examined me and confirmed what I knew – baby is still breech, then came time to find his heartbeat – that wasn’t a fun half an hour!!  We both knew all was well as he was kicking her hand away and the monitor however he was being VERY stubborn and so was the doctor who wouldn’t be defeated by a baby – I give her credit I would have given up way before she did.  However she was determined and got there in the end.

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34 weeks with baby number 2, a boy!
Then I went to feed the ducks with Emmy and Daddy – Emmy had been to pre-school so Daddy picked her up, was a lovely hour or so spent together before heading off to the hospital for my scan and consultants appointment.
As I told the sonographer before I even got on the bed, baby is still breech and does indeed have his feet wedged firmly into my bladder tap dancing.
He has had a BIG growth spurt since my last scan 2 weeks ago and is just nestled under the line for large baby as opposed to 2 weeks ago when he was spot on average for my dates.  He weighs approximately 5.5lbs at the moment and has a predicted birth weight of 8.5-9ish lbs if he arrives on time.
I then a consultant, not my normal one but I actually preferred this one.  She has said if baby turns in the next 2 weeks I can try to deliver naturally which I’m happy with however if he remains breech then it will be a c-section at 39 weeks.  However, she isn’t at all keen for me to go over 40 weeks even if baby has turned and is in the correct position so at 40 weeks if he is still sitting comfy I will have a c-section then – she also isn’t keen for me to be induced due to my history.
Due to having a VBAC appointment booked for 2 weeks time I will instead see the consultant and be rescanned at 37 weeks (so in 3 weeks time) – so watch this space…..I bet my birth plan changes again.

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  1. I remember those appointments with T…. although she was a spinner 1 week breech, the next week head down (also from experience take the estimated weight with a pinch of salt!). I can't wait to meet him and I hope you have enough room in your MAD bag to put in a few pieces of clothes for him to take back

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