38 Week Pregnancy update

The weeks are flying now finally, I’m currently 38+1 weeks Pregnant and more than ready now.

Baby was breech up until 37 weeks when an accident with a friend/alcohol (her not me) and an Epi Pen landed me in A&E in London hooked up to a fetal heart monitor and an ECG machine as my heart rate went mad and baby was going mad thrashing around too.  I’m guessing this is when he turned around at some point during that night as I didn’t feel him turn, but when I was scanned last Tuesday he had turned and is now head down.

Baby boy bump at 37 weeks, maternity dress 37 weeks pregnant, formal maternity wear, www.emmysmummy.com
I was rather pleased I managed the
heels for the whole evening!

I have now seen my consultant again who still still doesn’t want me going over 40 weeks due to the complications I had with Emmy, so I’ve signed all the forms ready for a c-section around 40 weeks – although I’m still awaiting the exact date date for that, I’ve had my bloods and swabs done ready and now it really is just a waiting game.

I would be happy for him to arrive now if I’m honest, I’m bored, sore and very fed up.  I know I should enjoy this last bit but it’s boring!  I’m suffering from SPD, can barely walk and keep getting Braxon Hicks contractions and have swollen feet meaning only flip-flops fit now.  It would seem he is set to tease me.

So baby, your Mummy, Daddy and Sister are ready so feel free to arrive any time now Please!

where are my feet? View of feet at 38 weeks pregnant, 38 weeks boy bump, boy pregnancy pictures, www.emmysmummy.com
My view looking down – My feet are there somewhere but I’ve
not seen them in a while!

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