5 Colourful Phone Cases for Kids

In our digital age, mobile phones are now considered a necessity for almost anyone. Children as young as 7 now have access to mobile devices and are encouraged to familiarise themselves with handheld technology from an early age. If your child is fascinated by their phone or tablet, why not protect their devices in a fun and easy way with Fancy a Snuggle’s range of phone cases designed especially for kids.

Each case is made from tough, durable plastic and has been engineered to give a perfect fit to any popular mobile phone brand or model. Not only will the cases protect the phone from the rough and tumble of daily use but you can even create your own case with your own images or choose from a variety of child friendly designs. Here are some of the most popular designs on the market today:


The Haunted House

Kids love to be a little scared sometimes and this haunted house phone case is just the thing to set them tingling. Colourful, vivid and just a tiny bit scary, it’s a popular design and one which kids will find playful, amusing and perfect for the Halloween period.


Monkey Tower


It’s hard to find a child who isn’t fascinated by the animal kingdom, and it’s even harder to find one who isn’t a fan of monkeys. This cartoon tower of monkeys is perfect for animal loving kids and will protect any mobile device from the wear and tear of school days. The bold colours and cheeky grins make the case a firm favourite for both children and the occasional adult too!


The Pirate Captain


From the evil Captain Hook to the heroic Jack Sparrow, children have always been captivated by the swashbuckling adventures of pirates. This child friendly design will certainly appeal to any young shipmate and brings together all the vibrant colours of the Caribbean.


Pink Winged Fairy

Fairies and princesses have been popular characters in traditional children’s storybooks for centuries and they still continue to mesmerise and entrance young girls today. This pink winged fairy phone case is likely to be a perfect accessory for any young girl’s mobile phone and stands out with its bold pink colour scheme and pencil drawn artwork. The image retains a traditional illustrated look and is definitely one of the most stylish children’s phone cases on offer.

Giraffe playing guitar

What’s not to like about a giraffe playing a guitar? Although it’s slightly surreal, this cheerful design is sure to have kids laughing and will keep their phones protected and secure at all times. Who knows what inspired this image but its vibrant colours and attractive design certainly make this a unique and hilarious case for any child.
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