5 Reasons your kids need to read Harry Potter

Our favourite
bespectacled teenage wizard has been dominating the book and film
scene for the last ten years now. Even J.K. Rowling herself probably
couldn’t have guessed just how popular her creation would become.
Now it’s a multi-million pound business, and has spawned some of
the best-selling
books of all time
If the fact that they
are an excellent series of books isn’t enough to convince you that
it’s worth getting the kids to sit down and read them, here a few
more reasons to convince you:
  1. It gets kids reading
There are so many
children’s’ books out there, many of which are very good.
However, Harry Potter is one of those series that really stands out.
Across the world, millions of children and millions of adults enjoy
dipping back in to the stories every now and then.
The way in which the
books are written is so enthralling, that children find it difficult
to put them down. Even kids who find it hard to sit still can be
easily calmed by reading a couple of chapters. They become invested
in the characters, which leads on nicely to my next point.
  1. The child is the hero
In other books in which
a child is a hero, such as the Hunger Games or Anthony
, the child is often pretty well equipped
to be the hero. They usually mould and adapt to their surroundings
quickly, and get on with being the hero very early on.
Harry Potter himself is
just a kid – and most of the time, he has little to no idea what he
is doing. Throughout the series, he’s baffled by wonder after
wonder, just like any normal kid would be if they were faced with the
prospect and power of magic so suddenly.
And he’s had a pretty
rough childhood. The character of Harry Potter tells kids that they
can do anything, regardless of their background or how little you
  1. They teach good lessons
The Harry Potter series
is full of life lessons and morals. In fact the books are packed with
them. Lessons about morality, faith, trust and friendship. All the
kinds of things that kids need to learn from a young age. The
characters themselves are often flawed, but they do find a way to fix
themselves and those around them. The character of Snape, also helps
teach kids not to judge a book by its cover.
  1. It keeps their imagination
It can be tough to keep
kids away from video games these days, but children all over the
world have seen their imaginations flared by Harry Potter.
The films keep things
pretty close to the book, all things considered. If your kids really
want to get into the spirit of things, a visit to Warner Bros. Studio
tour in London can take them straight to the set of the films – see
more at www.wbstudiotour.co.uk.
  1. It’s surprisingly adult
One of the best things
about the Harry Potter series is how grown-up it actually is.
are always trying to be grown-up. By giving them complex issues such
as those revealed in the Harry Potter series, they’re going to feel
more adult and learn how to think difficult things through.
Of course, there are
plenty of things which you won’t pick up when you read it as a
child. If you haven’t read Harry Potter in a while, it’s worth
reading it again just to find all the subtext and the very grown-up
themes locked within the words.


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  1. To this day I haven't read a Harry Potter book, the whole thing passed me by and I'm an avid reader and writer lol.

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