New Tom & Jerry on Boomerang

I don’t think I’ve come across anyone who doesn’t love a bit of Tom & Jerry.
A classic cartoon which is timeless.  A fighting cat & mouse who are endlessly battling.
I used to watch this as a child, as did Paul and needless to say Emmy and Harry were introduced to it from a young age too.
Reruns of classics never tire and you can watch the same cartoon many times and still laugh however we have been very glad to finally see some new episodes made.

The first new episodes made in 20 years!!
Boomerang are showing these new episodes,  just tune into Sky Channels: 603 and 618/ Virgin Channels: 730 and 731 to catch some.
We were lucky enough to be sent a press disc of the new episodes and we have all been giggling away.
The much loved cartoons are still the same with only a few updated tweeks, Tom’s owner is no longer an old lady but a young couple, with the husband not as enamoured with Tom as his wife is.
I won’t give away too much as you need to see for yourselves but the updated new episodes are well worth watching.
In one episode you will see Tom on a hot day stealing his masters fan to cool himself while winding up the Butch who is desperately trying to build a pool to cool down his son.
Emmy and Harry were both glued to theses new episodes and I’m sure you will be too.  They are just as good as the old ones however it is rather nice to see some new episodes.
In exchange for our honest opinions on these new episodes the children were sent a press disc of new episodes as well as a Tom Bomb game (think pop up pirates but with Tom Cat) which Emmy loves. 
Tom fly’s rather high from the barrel when the coins are placed into the slots – as with pop up pirates, one hole makes him shoot upwards.  Harry gets the giggles at this and Emmy thinks that means she has won the game….hey they sit still so I’m not going to tell her otherwise.

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