6 reasons to write a Will

reasons to write a will

No matter what age you are, as soon as someone mentions writing a Will you are likely to glass over and even watching paint dry sounds more appealing – believe me I completely agree. It is one of those really grown up things which you know you really do need to do but in doing so you have to admit to being a grown-up.

I hate to admit that, in my mind I am still 21, however the kids completely disagree and like to remind me that Mummy is nearer 40 than 20…thanks kids!

Paul and I wrote our Will’s a few years ago and those are tucked away safely for when they are needed.

Wills aren’t just for older members of society. If you own property, or have belongings
that are of value and want to leave these to someone you love in the event of your death,  then a will ensures that your wishes are carried out. Car accidents, terminal illness and other tragedies can affect members of all age groups and this is why making a Will is so
important.  You can also leave instructions about your funeral and wake in your Will. For example, if you want a particular piece of music played at your funeral service, then write this down.
Dying without writing a will can create problems. If you don’t write a will, your family could face big financial headaches or they may even row over who gets what. It might also result in your family having to pay more inheritance tax then they need to, of course in some circumstances it may be necessary to challenge a Will but it is far better to have one than not.

6 Reasons to write a Will

  1. If you die without making a Will, known as dying intestate, then your assets will be distributed according to the rules of intestacy. This will mean that the people you would like to receive your estate may not necessarily inherit it.
  2. If you have young children (minors) you can appoint a guardian in a Will, without this it is left in the hands of social services and the courts.
  3. If you don’t say exactly who gets what then arguments could break out over favourite or valuable items – repeating “Mum said I could have her rings” just won’t cut it so it’s best to have this in writing.
  4. You won’t be able to leave an inheritance to grandchildren, rather than your children if not specified in a Will
  5. If you don’t say who you want to look after your kids, the courts and social services decide where they go – and it might be into care.
  6. You could pay more inheritance tax than you need to.

As well as writing a Will it is a very good idea to set up a power of attorney, A POA will help you should your mental powers deteriorate, and you find it is becoming increasingly difficult to manage your financial affairs. In the UK, one in three over 65’s develop dementia – as a pro-active move, you can nominate someone you trust and they can act on your behalf in your later years.

You should also consider a medical power of attorney at the same time, so that your wishes are listed to while in hospital or when you become too ill to make you wishes known, on a very personal note I really do this this is something everyone should do and you can read my personal reasons for knowing this is a good thing to do after my mother in law was almost refused to come home to die as per her wishes. As a family we had a fight with the hospital to release her with lots of heartache caused in the process.

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